Hey, nice quote. I totally agree

now heres a bunch of characters because I need a minimum of 125 in order to post this, what a strange rule. Wonder if I'm close yet?
Ganondorf 5326 TwilightWolf23
Aug 20, 08 8:09pm
I know you have been trying your best and putting a lot of effort into the Wii Twilight Spy. You have been pretty awesome, through and through. I like it how you always put a bit of humor into a grim situation, whether it is pointless or just plain out makes no sense.

So, I have signed your guestbook because you are one of THE BEST NEOSEEKERS EVER!...

...And is extremely superior to me... ☺
meeper TwilightWolf23
Jul 1, 08 11:56pm
i made a face of smiling...ness.

and it must be happy.

see? if it was not happy, it would not be smiling! happy! happy face.
Best Player Ever TwilightWolf23
Apr 13, 08 6:03am
i made a special stamp for you, i know you like brawl, pokemon and zelda, this took me a long time to make, i hope you like it
zoo zom TwilightWolf23
Feb 12, 08 4:01pm
Hey, TwilightWolf23! Sorry I kinda gave a hard time when you were ZeldaGoddess. You know, when you are bumping threads and all..Well, yeah, sorry about that, so, um..can we be neofriends?