Im 13, I live in California. You can call me Preppy, you can call me Gangster, just dont call me Emo.... unless you know what it means. (And yes. thats what i consider myself. Emo. but that doesnt make me a bad person). And while im at it, let me say something. Emo people do not cut themselves... I dont anyway. And Emo people can be happy too. FYI, Happiness is an emotion too. ;D.
Anyway, back to this...... I skateboard. Yes. And just the other day, i skated into the lake. because i was daydreaming on my board while i was moving and there is no guard rail by the lake.



[i]Hmmm.... well... Im not all games and stuff. I like to Skateboard, play guitar, hang with friends (My girlfriend more so than friends. no offence if any of my friends are reading this), and yes. Even tho its the last thing on my list, i like to play video games when im bored.


I may call myself emo, but that doesnt make me a bad person. Happiness is an emotion too.

///.^ (HAPPEH!) ///.- (Depressed) ///.o (Stoneder than shit) ///.< (Angreh)
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