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Dec 8, 08 3:20am

Returning to Bloggage

After the plague, I have returned to Neo, and have decided to go on an e-ramble, and hoping someone can take the time to comment or something, unlike my last man flu-induced take on life. There I am, blog-comment whoring, shamelessly, using commas alot. Wahey, there goes a full stop, very good. Very good indeed. Unlike Crewe when I travelled down to Whaddon Road to watch them, not helped by a pernickety spineless ref who disrupted rather than disciplined the game, although perhaps that aided our game more than Cheltenhams. Clever taking out our only attacking threat only on, knocking big Calvin cold right in front of us, the bastards. Dario should have put Donaldson on instead though, Popey and Miller were tackless. But hey ho that's the beauty of football for you. Unless your six points adrift at the bottom of the table.

No matter, a Burton scout watched me score a twenty-five yard volley after a dribble and orchestrate a load of passing movements. Hopefully I can do what I didn't at Soton, Everton and Crewe and make myself a pathway to a career, maybe. Hopefully, perhaps. If I can make it, I'll be chuffed, but I'm looking to far ahead maybe. I may not make it, and I don't expect to, and hopefully I'd be able to make a living somewhere else, maybe I could write or something, but hey, I'm using commas to much to be published by anyone other than myself, there's always hope. What a self-centred ramble that was, with almost no point from the point I swapped paragraph onwards. But hey.

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jespomo Feb 1, 09
Did you come to London Road when we played you last week?
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Soda Feb 24, 09
Did anyone else imagine Tweety's voice as they read it?

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