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Nov 29, 08 7:12pm

Penguin Wafer and Bordeaux

So here's me, ruffling through the weekly shopping. Having snaffled a pork pie as a starter, looking for some real nourishment to kick me off for the weekend, and I open a perfectly innocent bag, strewn on the kitchen floor and find some innofensive plastic wrappers, emblazoned with 'McVities Penguin Wafer Triple Chocolate'. My mind went into insta-bitch, thinking of how poor it was likely to be. It wasn't too bad when I think about it, although it had the familiar wafter texture of chocolate-wrapped disintegrating corrugated cardboard. Inevitably something I will never grow fond of. Unlike jaffa cakes, the addictive little bastards, in their tubular packets, waiting to be seperated from biscuit to orange stuff. When you take one you take another and once two are gone you have to finsih the pack to avoid feeling guilty. A vicious cycle but one that whoever makes jaffa's have perfected. Bless them. Still don't like penguin wafers, or wispa's actually, prefer the aero. Love mars bars and toffee crisps as well. Oh yeah. And them cookies you get from the co-op, with three choclate and the size of my eyes when I look at them. Hell yeah.

Looking back at that paragraph, it's full of early-morning spelling, which I hope is full of character and has a unique charm to drag readers from far and wide to this blog. This could just be wishful thinking, but I seem to be doing a good job in rambling so far, which I like to think is a great plus. Possibly. Hopefully. Or it may just be pork pie fuelled randomity, I need a drink. Wahey. Happy Saturday people. Random shit forever.

Bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity blogty blog.

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Danielg Nov 29, 08
I love Jaffa cakes, but i disagree with your preference of Aero over Wispa. :-D
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Tweety Pie Nov 29, 08
OMG. How could you? Aero's are superior in every way to the wispa. D:
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dynamic Nov 29, 08
Double Decker. Hands down.
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Danielg Nov 29, 08
I have to admit i did have an aero yesterday, now before people lynch me, i was forced to eat it. Wispas FTFW!!!
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Mocking Alvin Nov 29, 08
Joe is spot on here. Double Deckers are super awesome, like totally!

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Tainted Nov 29, 08
Your posts have been awesome so far. Keep the stream-of-thought thing, it is awesome. Favorited.

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