Shoot I was born in some corn fields then took this thing called a aero plane to this place called Hawaiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and now I be chillin on the beach sippin some 40z and smokin bluntz. Its a boss life but someones gotta live it. chea.

What I like about life is that there are choices and that your free to choose what you want

When you tell the uneducated that you watch Anime you notice that they quickly assume your watching Hentai

Surfing is a form of art... some may choose to paint art while others choose to live it

Duffy the Nerd - chop their wife's breasts off, put their hips in a clamp and shave them?

Kuduros - If that were me, I would be off to Northern Ireland to find who I am now and abuse him in the hope I'll change back midway through

lil ff kid - nice hentai avatar

}{itman - I'm a cowboy... YAY! ¬_¬ says:
is your mom a gamer?
}{itman - I'm a cowboy... YAY! ¬_¬ says:
I wish mine was, I'd whoope her ass on CS - Last, we come to the Swissbit/Swissmemory S.Beat MP3 player. It is a Swiss Army Knife with an MP3 player in it instead of the memory stick they usually put in. It solves the age old question of 'I am going to a knife fight, what should I use to play my stabbing music?' I recommend Pantera and the S.Beat, just don't get on a plane with one if you don't like handcuffs

Mark~aka~Tweaker says:
and xt has better cooling in one way but *bleep*ing loud...
+volacide says:
+volacide says:
loudness doesn't bother me
+volacide says:
i'll just put a muffler on it
+volacide says:
and make it sound like a v12

-Ren of Heavens

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Review: Half-Life 2 - Hot game for everyone

Jan 4, 2005

This game has kept me on the edge on my seat ever since the game was delayed back in 2003 and now that I have played it, it was worth the wait. Its awesome how valve made this game playable on low profile comps and have it still look ok and have...


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