I'm on here on and off nowadays, mostly off since I don't have much to do and none of my neo friends remember me.
Only on here to talk to one certain friend on here, if it wasn't for her, I would've been inactive for at least a year.
Those that try but don't succeed will be the ones to survive.
will never be the same again.

Well, other than the title (if it made anyone chuckle), I'm getting surgery on my nose this Monday. Fun fun fun?

Well, I've got a hole in my nose that makes my nose bleed constantly. Plus, I lost a ton of cartilidge in my nose. So, I have to get some button thing put into the hole. I'll only be recovering for a week and it shouldn't be too bad, so that's good. I'll have a little discomfort for awhile too.

Enough of me, what are you all doing over spring break?

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got an AIM not too long ago. So feel free, I guess.

Well, not a half bad weekend. For once. -_-

Well, to start it off, I hung out with my ex on Friday after school (Who is the coolest person in the world, ftr.) which is always awesome to do. On Saturday I went over a friend's house to work on a math project that involves making a home video about Pi. We really bombed it. :| But it's sorta funny at the same time, lol. But it gave us some trouble making it a .mp3, so my computer geek skillz came into play. :D We still haven't fixed it. As for today, Sunday, it's pretty good. Got my copy of Soul Silver from Gamestop today. :D And soon I'll be going back to the house I went to yesterday to finally finish the stupid Pi video.

Today I also snuck onto Facebook while my mom and sister we're at church, sent a few messages to the girl I like and to an old friend of mine that I haven't talked to in awhile.

But enough about me, because I know everyone could care less. How was your weekend, guys?


Well, it's my first blog post.

I'm really supposed to be doing my science project right now, but I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow. Yet I still manage to get As and Bs. ^_^

Anywho...I'm still kicked off of Facebook. Balls. I miss talking to the girl I like. I haven't talked to her in...a month, at least? I've only gotten to talk to a few people via school and texting. It just sucks major balls. Especially when the girl you like is home-schooled. :(

Any of you people miss the ones you love/like lately like me? :/

On a positive note...I'll be using this new font for now on! Any comments about it?

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