Turtle Commando
Jun 23, 13 5:08pm
I'm on here on and off nowadays, mostly off since I don't have much to do and none of my neo friends remember me.
Turtle Commando
Oct 30, 11 4:15pm
Only on here to talk to one certain friend on here, if it wasn't for her, I would've been inactive for at least a year.
Turtle Commando
Aug 15, 10 6:21pm
Those that try but don't succeed will be the ones to survive.
Turtle Commando
Apr 25, 10 2:12am
will never be the same again.
Turtle Commando
Apr 3, 10 2:51am
Turtle Commando blogged
Mar 28, 10 1:14am

Well, other than the title (if it made anyone chuckle), I'm getting surgery on my nose this Monday. Fun fun fun?

Well, I've got a hole in my nose that makes my nose bleed constantly. Plus, I lost a ton of cartilidge in my nose. So, I have to get some button thing put into the hole. I'll only be recovering for a week and it shouldn't be too bad, so that's good. I'll have a little discomfort for awhile too.

Enough of me, what are you all doing over spring break?

spiderman musingsthoughts
Turtle Commando
Mar 25, 10 3:16am
got an AIM not too long ago. So feel free, I guess.
Turtle Commando blogged
Mar 14, 10 8:39pm

Well, not a half bad weekend. For once. -_-

Well, to start it off, I hung out with my ex on Friday after school (Who is the coolest person in the world, ftr.) which is always awesome to do. On Saturday I went over a friend's house to work on a math project that involves making a home video about Pi. We really bombed it. :| But it's sorta funny at the same time, lol. But it gave us some trouble making it a .mp3, so my computer geek skillz came into play. :D We still haven't fixed it. As for today, Sunday, it's pretty good. Got my copy of Soul Silver from Gamestop today. :D And soon I'll be going back to the house I went to yesterday to finally finish the stupid Pi video.

Today I also snuck onto Facebook while my mom and sister we're at church, sent a few messages to the girl I like and to an old friend of mine that I haven't talked to in awhile.

But enough about me, because I know everyone could care less. How was your weekend, guys?

Turtle Commando blogged
Mar 8, 10 1:31am

Well, it's my first blog post.

I'm really supposed to be doing my science project right now, but I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow. Yet I still manage to get As and Bs. ^_^

Anywho...I'm still kicked off of Facebook. Balls. I miss talking to the girl I like. I haven't talked to her in...a month, at least? I've only gotten to talk to a few people via school and texting. It just sucks major balls. Especially when the girl you like is home-schooled. :(

Any of you people miss the ones you love/like lately like me? :/

On a positive note...I'll be using this new font for now on! Any comments about it?

Turtle Commando
Feb 15, 10 2:37am
is a living human being. Imagine that.


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