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Sep 8, 09 3:01am

Sort of contradictory, I know. I consider myself both but do they cancel each other out? While it might not be possible to be a Cynical Optimist, which would definitely cross the oxymoron line, I feel you can be realistically optimistic. These sort of things cross my mind all the time. For instance why did the saying "You cannot have your cake and eat it" ever come into existence? If I have my cake and all rights implied therein I should, in fact, be able to have my cake and eat it at the same time. The saying, I would assume, is trying to remark that you cannot have it both ways. But their example is flawed as I could have my cake, eat half and still have half of it remaining, thus making their remark incorrect. Yes I do think about these things.

That being said, I often have felt that writing things down is a sort of stress relief... sort of gets things off your chest so to speak, although my chest is not all the impressive as I am not of the female persuasion. Those who choose to glance at this should not presume to see any pseudo-intellectual bullshit here. I am merely speaking, or typing rather, what I am thinking to clear my head. Often time I feel I have millions of thoughts racing through my head, it will be therapeutic in some ways to jot them down.

So today was quite annoying, I woke up knowing I would have to go to bed early so I can start my 'shift-work' of 12 hours on, 12 hours off for a month at work. I cannot wait until I can quit my job and start doing college full time. I might go into detail about my opinions of the military but that will be another blog. Anyhow, naturally being an insomniac it is annoying to force myself to go to bed early. Not only that I woke up to a virus *bleep*ing up my computer. What a day. I had made tentative plans to go to the Pacific Science Musuem in Seattle but those fell through as I decided to attempt to fix my computer instead... Still attempting just FYI.

I also need to call the University of Washington to inquire about how I am going to transfer there and if I should continue with my current plans of bit of CC first or if they have a way I can transition into UW earlier. The main issue that is stopping me from being able to transfer directly is the last date that I attended high school. It's been quite awhile and I don't have enough credits to attempt to transfer as a student so I would have to enter as a freshman, which does not deter me, but for the most part they consider applicants high school experience. So, solution: Call them and figure it out. Not that difficult, I just have to make time.

So ends my first blog. I will leave you with a few 'gems' however.

Quote: Get busy Livin' or get busy dieing.
Song: Phantom of the Opera by Micheal+Sarah(Best combination without a doubt)

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Aug 21, 09 4:53pm
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