Fav games of all time are: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario World, Duck Hunt, Shadow Hearts, Star Fox, Final Fantasy Tactics, God of War, Ace Combat 5, and Guitar Hero II(ya its that good).


NFL-Dallas Cowboys, NCAA-Ohio State, Video Games, Movies, Classic Rock, and Surfin the Web. Learning electric guitar.
American Muscle. Camaros in particular. Drag racing and continuing to build my 93 Z28.
Making fun of anyone who drives a 4 cylinder with coffee can cat-back and cold air intake and thinks its fast. Must be that giant *bleep*ing wing eh? And your car sounds like shit. My ears are bleeding. Come back when you've grown 4 more cylinders and some balls.


"American soldiers in battle don't fight for what some president says on T.V., they don't fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag... they fight for one another."
-Lt. Colonel Hal Moore

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Review: Resistance: Fall of Man - Most fun with an FPS since.... oh you know.

Feb 5, 2007

This game is a breath of fresh air to the FPS genre. Where Halo did everything we'd already seen in a FPS really well, making it near perfect, Resistance: Fall of Man changes the recipe for FPS with its story driven single player, exp system...

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