Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, damn you!

Whatevah, you is cool with the hashish.
I might as well sign it. I see you around all the time so here you go! I dont know what else to tell you i dont have a stamp so you better like this haha!
I wanted free hardcore. die.


What's that Welcome & Instructions all about? o__O Btw, I'm signing to say Hi, Sir Mustache. J/k xD

You're frickin' smiling in the picture. That's wrong in so many ways. *puke* J/k
but signed this silly arsed guest book intead. if i sign it do i get hardcore. well ill sign it anyway i totally dont even know you but meh...SIGNED
The damn links stuffed up. I clicked a link that said "FREE HARDCORE" but it brought me here. NEO'S LINKS ARE STUFFED!!
Random signing with a kittykat I drew some time ago ^^

Cya around
*music plays*
Have a nice day-ay-ay!
Have a nice day!
*Bon Jovi*
*stops music*

Hello there, Derek. Happy Valentine's day, and you know the rest. Don't forget to share the chocolates you got today from girls with your siblings. xD
As the title says ^^

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! ^-^
Heh I see you still have that old joke as your intro Turmy

*sign back this time* >.>

I am signing your guestbook on orders from the great and mighty earlimoon. He is teh man. Have a nice day.

I, DeadDogInc, the loyal and obedient slave and bitch of earlimoon.
I've got something to tell you....

Here we are...
Dear old friends.
You and I, drunk again.
Laughs have been had,
Tears have been shed,
Maybe the whisky has gone to my head....

But if I were gay,
I would give you my heart.
And if I were gay
You'd be my work of art.
And if I were gay
We would swim in romance...
But I'm not gay...
So get your hand out of my pants.

Its not that I dont care...
I do.
I just dont see myself in you...
Another time, another scene
I'd be right behind you...if you know what I mean.

Because if I were gay,
I would give you my soul.
And if I were gay
I would give you my whole... being
And if I were gay
we would tear down the walls
But I'm not gay...
So wont you stop cupping my ba...hand.

We've never hugged,
We've never kissed.
I've never been intimate
With your fist...

You have opened brand new doors
So get over here and drop... your... drawers....

This signing ordered by Yunalookalike.

Have a nice day.
hey dude u seem pretty cool so here i gettin xbox live sunday or monday my gamer tag will be chaos2234 so if u want we could hav a game or something
Hey jus stoppin by to sign your guestbook. So what do you think about Halo 3. Are you going to get it when it comes out or reserve it. Sign my guestbook too!

Praise be to Quicksilver

Goddess Kali, high and mighty,
Shines great and bright,
bathing us all in a glimmering light.

In comes she,
and out goes I,
screaming with a gracious voice,
'Sing me a song, or else ye shall die!'

And woe is me,
if I do not satisfy,
the elegant beauty,
that is Goddess Kali.

So I shall praise her once,
praise her twice,
praise her with chicken soup and rice.

This signing has been brought to you by Just For Now, adoring slavie of the Goddess Kali, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

I <3 Yunie

Derek, Derek, Derek... Such a serious individual. I see you still hate me as usual, and I'm signing your GB for best of wishes next year. And here's the Dog!

Awwww... Cute, isn't it? xD

-Errr...Your Neo-Brother? O__O()
Well I see ya all the time and i was doing some random siginings and here i am.

happy to make your life that more meaningful.

Oh Derek, Happy Holidays. I sure hoped that you got your XBOX360 that you wanted. Of course, if your dad can persuade his company to allow you to see HP4 a day earlier, then he can do this too. J/K Anyways, you didn't log on today, that's good. I'll see you around and sign this again New Year's Eve. Almost forgot my stamp:

-Your Brother

yo hope you like it turms..spent alot of time doing it for you
ummm..... signing for no reason and so here's a stamp!

alright, sign back please! ga-bye!
You have 6000+ posts in 1 and a half years.
Congratulations, spammer.
Heres my stamp:

Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

Merry Christmas Turmsy!
Happy Holidays! ^^
Damn You to the very Depths of Hell. You lied to the masses. Shame. Shame On You.
Hey, you quoted me in your signature... when I was incredibly bored and now I'm just spammming the forums for a post count really.