Amy TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 9:33pm

Yay, thanks for signing mine as well! Your welcome says you lied about giving free hardcore?! Oh mai!
Frozen Atari TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 7:55pm
Nothing like a good guest book signing to me feel like I'm back in 2004.


Wait, no porn? You charlatan!

Archimonde_STG TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 6:53pm
AHHH! So I'm here to sign your guestbook. And I love angels so here's a good one:

The Omega TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 5:56pm
I could have sworn you signed my guestbook once, but I can't find it. I was probably looking at someone else's GB Anywho...

ViperSean TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 4:52pm
Ha, I'm an oldie, but this is the first time I've signed someone's Guestbook.

*looks down*

Wow, lots of dissapointed people looking for porn... kinda like the "Cute Chick Playing With Pussy" thread I made yesterday.

First spam thread in OL FTW?
The Slayer TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 4:51pm
Here comes another awkward guest book signing, because I never knew what to say to people when I signed theirs in the past.

So, Happy New year!!!
rockhole TurMoiL911
Oct 19, 08 4:35pm
Hello Turmoil, you are old but not quite so old as me. You are like a milf rather than a gmilf. Were I merely at your stage it would have been technically illegal for there to be any "-lf" action to speak of.
judaspriest TurMoiL911
Jun 1, 08 5:28pm
Your lucky I'm signing this. Very lucky.
I mean it, you are.

See you around, have a nice day.


You've been signed by,
Special K TurMoiL911
Apr 30, 08 5:32am
I was promised free hardcore... I'm slightly disappointed...

Ah Well. I signed your guestbook, so there. You see like a fine member. See you around the forum.

I am what I am TurMoiL911
Mar 27, 08 3:05pm
Charlie TurMoiL911
Mar 27, 08 5:18am


Fine I was going to share mine but no.

K bai
Darkking TurMoiL911
Mar 25, 08 8:20pm
nooo! i fall for it. last time i click on one of your links. ok now i have nothing to say so now i have keep makeing thing just so i be able to post it
Moogie575 TurMoiL911
Mar 5, 08 7:11am
thnx for helpin me with my xbox...well i have to have 125 letters sooo...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sadhgruieofsdnfkhjbgdvb drsifjytbcdgdbrgbvfdygvtjdbvdyjfgv
nanobyte TurMoiL911
Mar 3, 08 2:35pm
I thought you might appreciate my console cats joke... so here!

Anubis TurMoiL911
Feb 29, 08 12:19am
This is the second link I've clicked on that said it was offerimg free "good stuff"... Well, w/e, have a stamp.

Mr Man TurMoiL911
Feb 27, 08 11:29pm
i thought i was getting free hardcore, whatever that is but o well...

(The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters (white space is trimmed from the beginning and end of the text).) *now it does, HA!*
skythelegend TurMoiL911
Feb 26, 08 4:19am
You damn fool, I aint no fool, I pity the fool who thinks I'm a fool.

Mr T aside, nice trick, most people really would fall for it, because most people are also idiots
Envoy of Darkness TurMoiL911
Feb 22, 08 6:02pm
Damn, I came for the pron and got tricked.

You deserve this

Dark Dom TurMoiL911
Feb 22, 08 11:58am
...Where's the hardcore, you mofo.
OH I C WUT U DID THAR. This is all a trick for me to sign your Guestbook isn't it?! Well I'm not falling for it. =[
Zephyr TurMoiL911
Feb 22, 08 6:44am
10,000 posts !!!1!1111!!11!1!!1!!!!1!!!1111!!!!1!1!!1!!2 But still not thread for chu

I just noticed there's no hardcore >.<
Will ~
thecandyman328 TurMoiL911
Nov 2, 07 6:20am
I'm here for the pron...

You have been stamped...

By Thecandyman328...
Zebra Cakes TurMoiL911
Oct 30, 07 9:01am
I think I fell in the same trap twice...

sgdibdgdibdhv shgcbaj uvtcr yhshs 6 mdfhanxhchvycfcushb ybbdfn dhb igonnarapeyou fhhvhfbb ihateyoubfhcv
Zebra Cakes TurMoiL911
Oct 30, 07 8:59am
Seriously, where?

I'm kinda pissed now... You owe me something. Like porno.

Damn and now I have to fill in the minimal character limit of 125 in the guestbook entry.

-zebra cakes
rh TurMoiL911
Oct 20, 07 8:28pm
You got my hopes up!

I didn't think it could be possible

I don't have a stamp, but you hardly deserve it because you lied to me, lol.

Haywire TurMoiL911
Sep 30, 07 7:02am
Geez dude I was all lubed up and everthing... disapointing i have to say...

You owe me big time.