Signing in the tradtition revived by sexy nurses Gex. And it's your birthday today. Now my stamp can make sense!

I made that iphone myself. It even has Incubus on it.

Happy Holidays!

~Knukles Da Echidna
Guestbook signing spree time!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Now I need to fill up extra space...
Thanks for helping me settle into the MW2 forum. The way the forum is looking is great and the activity is fantastic. You're doing a good job and I hope you get a permanent mod position in there (Y)

Hello! I'm on a guestbook signing spree today to pass some time! Your my 3rd mod i've signed today! and your my 7th guestbook signing spree sign i've made so far! Before i started my spree i remembered the guestbook sign i got and it gave me an idea to go on a guestbook signing spree today! I need 2 more mod posts to congratulate the 5th mod i've signed! 3 more away from the 10th person im signing and that one gets a congrats from me! Hope you like you guestbook signing spree sign i typed!

I'm on a signing spree so I'm signing some Loungin' regulars guestbooks.

This was the first image that comes up if you google image search "scary"!

Have a nice day!

I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

Merry merry Christmas and a happy belated birthday as well! Hope you had a pleasant one.

Best wishes for 2009!

I wish you a Merry Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas and a frightfully lovely new year!

Have a hot chocolate on me.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Much win to you, who has given us the closest thing Neoseeker has ever had to a meme.

*From the shadows*

Now you sign mine right?

Thought you might like this!
Happy Thanksgiving man. Sign back!
Sorry for not signing back yet. I haven't got around to it. Well, here's a stamp:

I always take the time to sign those who sign me

OMG, Retro!

Enjoy my pussy!!!1!1!!!!1!1!111!!!!!!!1!

Hello. Thanks for the signing.

This is what came up when I searched 'Turmoil' you dirty man.

haven't done this in ages... what exactly do i do? Just leave a message? Stamp? Death threat?

got the message and stamp down so all that is left is...

see you soon, but you won't see me, Just watch the shadows, they may be watching you
I wants my free hardcore, and have done for some time

Guestbook signings are like, sooo 5 years ago.

We're being like, soo retro right now.

Cheers for the guestbook signing, you are a genius, which coincidentally is Guinness with one less n and s. Indeed.

See you around

That I did, so here is a signin' by me

( Although i already knew it wasnt porn because....your a moderator?...)

~Time to meet requirements~

In an effort to bring back this classic tradition and because you do kick ass. I shall be commencing the signage. (remember them Halo 2 days?)

These youngers just don't know the true values of Guestbooks! Its blasphemy.

You need one - admit it.


Stamped by Ecto5! It's just like old times all over again!
You sure are doing a great job in bringing this back Just a couple hundred guestbooks to go, eh? Haha. Enough talking you better get to work.

Hai. I guess I owe you a signing, don't I?

See you around, Turmoil, and you are awesome for bringing it back!