changed his custom title to "Taarsidath-An Haslaam"

Minor question, but how are you defining "first major MMO"? The PS4 port of DC Universe Online has... read more

I like these fun community trailers. Black Ops 2's Surprise trailer is still awesome. read more

Unless these concept art get posted as part of a revival announcement, stop making me sad over this not being made. read more

That female voice sounds so much like Jennifer Hale I had to check if it really was her. read more

Why are Call of Duty games never optimized for Intel Graphics cards? Guess I'm getting this on the Xbox. read more

What I took from this is that they're finally introducing bot gametypes to multiplayer. read more

I could see Microsoft adapting a P2P downloader to push their digital download options, but why Pando of all of them? read more

added Uno (XBOX360) to his own list

I'm with Darknet. I could see this opening the door for pre-purchasing games like what Steam offers. read more

The one thing I will miss about MSP is the opportunity of promotions. I've always liked things like the Xbox Rewards... read more