As a born leader, I was often recognized for my special quality and eyes that draw people. As the son of the powerful and Great General, I was brought up in an aristocracy ignoring the world around me. But soon afterwards, I found out out how corrupt and injustice the World has become and realized that I'm not just my father's little boy, but an independent man. Choosing my own destiny, I now bear the huge burden of playing games for kids that can't play them as I make painful choices, and experiences a great deal of pain and sorrow.


With an appetite like a bear, I'll eat anything and love it. Just kidding... I'm right now mainly into basketball, rollerskating and games.

Games I'm Playing: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, Breath of Fire V, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, NBA Live 2003 and so on...


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Review: Suikoden - Game send from Heaven!

Aug 15, 2002

Suikoden was one of the first really great RPGs for the PlayStation. Suikoden tells a brilliantly crafted tale of friendship, deceit and adventure, with a generous helping of humor and plenty of genuinely poignant moments. Story: You play the...

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