The best Megaman X game for sure. I would say its the best Megaman game outside of Battle Network. MegaManXCommandMission PS2
This is additionally hard for me since I rarely accept losing a unit. FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
Great game, best appearnce animations in the series so far. (When a battle starts and the pokemon moves. PokemonCrystal GBC
Generation 2 is most people's favorite, I like Gen 1 better but what really makes this game is the return to Kanto. PokemonGold GBC
My personal favorite pokemon game, I know just about everything about it, even bothered to get 100% pokedex. PokemonRed GBC
Worst generation of pokemon, it kind of sucked. PokemonEmerald GBA
Mystery dungeon was really different, its a great series. Nice storyline too. PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam DS
Took everything I liked about the first game, improoved it and added more. Awesome storyline. PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfDarkness DS
As a remake it does a great job, not straying as much as the Gen 1 remakes did. Oh, and the sound track is amazing! PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
Was alright, the graphics are kind of... meh. Some fun things to do in it and I liked some of the new additions to the pokedex. PokemonDiamond DS
Good game, battle system is annoying at first.. MegaManStarForcePegasus DS
Pretty fun. Much better on console though. DynastyWarriors PSX
I love the storyline of this game. Its really an amazing game, too under rated. PhantasyStarUniverse Xbox
The lack of cutscenes in this game kind of killed it for me. Though the story is just as good as the original. PhantasyStarUniverseAmbitionOfTheIlluminus PC
Going beyond this and into ROM hacks, this actual game leaves no challenge at this point. *Save State 01* SuperMarioAdvance2SuperMarioWorld GBA
An interesting game... Pretty fun but it doesn't feel like Mario. Probably because it isn't... SuperMarioAdvance GBA
Fun, I liked having a hand-held Mario RPG game, It was more fun than playing Paper Mario on N64. At the same time though Paper Mario is... MarioandLuigiSuperstarSaga GBA
Pretty good game with sort of a story. Its not the same as playing the hand-held games though... HarvestMoonAWonderfulLifeSpecialEdition PS2
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