Corruption Tseng_Eclipse
Feb 28, 11 10:43am
GODS AND GODDESSES OF THE JUNKFOOD ALLIANCE...LEND ME YOUR EARS. And also, preferably, the rest of your bodies and powers as well.

There is a certain faction within the alliance that is faltering and resenting my incredibly amazing leadership. The Rocky Road Rebels, headed by Tiger of Wu and Rust are now our enemies.

We shall fight. We shall never give in! We shall never relent! This is a battle for the Cake of Dreams, a Junk Food so holy and great, not even Gods can make it! So now, we march! For great justice! And great cake!

Take up your arms, prosthetic or real, and teach these rebels what it means to cross the Goddamn Cookie God!

Act now and you'll also receive a free Maxwell tattoo and feature in a very special Maxwell short-story!

Nidoking Tseng_Eclipse
Jan 28, 08 10:45am
Yessss! Awesome stamp! And I see that you still remain with Piers as your avy! Hopefully they'll release a GS3!

Legatus Tseng_Eclipse
Oct 23, 07 7:08pm
Since this is your birthday, I thought it would be a good time to sign here.

We haven't known each other for long, but I already consider you a friend. I do enjoy our conversations.

Eh, I don't have anything to put here, now... But when you return, I'll send you that map I made for you.

Looking forward to your return.
Cute Chao Tseng_Eclipse
Jul 25, 07 2:12pm
Never mind the cobwebs! You should see the size of the spiders in here! Anyway, I've got a new stamp that I made all by myself and I wanted you to be the first one to get it. STAMP!

Seeya when you get back.

Lotsa luv

Cute Chao

punky_gal Tseng_Eclipse
Dec 27, 06 1:14am
Yo-de-ho! Happy (late) Christmas! Get anything nice? I got...ya know, i REALLY can't be bothered to tell you! So there! HA!
Glotnot Tseng_Eclipse
Nov 1, 06 9:13pm
Halloween time!

Here be the picture I cooked up for the occation, arrr

The Chickmagnet07 Tseng_Eclipse
Aug 12, 06 10:09pm
Hey thnx for signin my GB so to be a good neo friend i will sign back

Have One More

Hope to talk more on MSN

Pokemon Ball Tseng_Eclipse
Aug 10, 06 3:50pm
hey,thanks for the signing:),so heres a stamp

Hope ya like it:D

cya round,
Glotnot Tseng_Eclipse
Aug 10, 06 5:08am
How's it going Senny? Thanks for the cool stamp! I'm afraid I can't offer anything that good, but I've got this!

Personally, I think it looks like the guy with the gun is aobut to shoot Red XIII, but...


Relmutsie AN Tseng_Eclipse
Aug 9, 06 10:33pm
Just felt like signing you to make you feel...uh...what's the word? The opposite of lonely?

See you around.

Yours truly, ultimate boktai fan,
Cute Chao Tseng_Eclipse
Aug 9, 06 10:30pm
Thanks for the stamp. I don't have a new one so i decided to give you a great pic instead

See you around... maybe,

Lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

Jameslikesgames Tseng_Eclipse
May 10, 06 3:07am
How many turns did it take to defeat you.......


better luck next time
neto_360 Tseng_Eclipse
May 3, 06 9:55pm
Hey T_E. You haven't been on in a while. Hope to talk to you soon:). O yea, here is a stamp.

See ya around,
chocobeth Tseng_Eclipse
Apr 11, 06 4:16am
Hey! I saw that you replied to my art thread a few times, so I'm gonna sign your guestbook with my new and improved stamp. Long live Cloud Strife!
Donnelly Tseng_Eclipse
Mar 14, 06 5:37am
*runs in maniacally*
*slaps paste about*
Here are some darn funny pics for you, you lucky guy, you...

*runs out cackling*
neto_360 Tseng_Eclipse
Mar 12, 06 4:31am
Sorry if you can't see the Vinny pic anymore. Hope you like the new stamp though:).

MikeyW Tseng_Eclipse
Mar 8, 06 7:09pm
Hmmmmm your guestbook isn't THAT empty you know! Mine is much more empty than yours.... But even though i do not know you, i will sign yours and stamp it too! Be happy and feel free to PM me or whatever because i am bored, all the time...
Goth_Raider Tseng_Eclipse
Mar 6, 06 6:30pm
Returning the favour back to you, time to sign back your guestbook with my favourite stamp^_^. See ya in the forums

Cute Chao Tseng_Eclipse
Mar 5, 06 7:05pm
Hey Senny,
I've just come with my army of chao to raid your guestbook

Now you must bow before the cuteness of the chao!!!! If they show up that is...

Anyway, must continue with my tyranny in other unsuspecting people's guestbooks,
Lotsa luv,
Cute Chao
neto_360 Tseng_Eclipse
Feb 20, 06 6:22am
Hey Tseng_Eclipse!!! It's the first time I am signing your guestbook. Hope you like the pic of Vinny.

And yes I know that Vincent is the best...
flame_boi13 Tseng_Eclipse
Feb 14, 06 11:19pm
I wanted to give you a Gackt Stamp but what the *bleep* its Valentines Day !!!

This is trully for a Vincent Valentine die hard fan

Cya soon chipmunks !!!

Nidoking Tseng_Eclipse
Feb 5, 06 4:14am
Hi Tseng_Eclipse! I really don't know what to write in a guestbook. I would put a stamp on it but I still don't know how...sorry!
Hiya i just thought i would sign your guestbook while im taking a break from world of worries about putting a stamp on mine.i still dont know how to do that yet
Goth_Raider Tseng_Eclipse
Jan 23, 06 9:42pm
hey good to know that Vincent still has alot of fans and u're one of them!!! (well i'm one too but u wouldn't know that with what i'm doing in the Elimination Game eh?) well i guess u deserve a guestbook signing from me for being a Vinnie fan

Cute Chao Tseng_Eclipse
Jan 19, 06 9:06pm
Hey, Tseng_Eclipse. This is my first guestbook entry and I thought I should do my first one in yours. Keep voting for Vincent!