sonicshadowboy Trogdor_002
Apr 12, 10 1:51am
good job in the brawl tourny Trog knew i was facing the champ don't lose your edge though and your luigi is epic maybe you could give me hints for brawl see ya
Tankzortz Trogdor_002
Jul 23, 09 11:17pm
wats up its the WEEGEE man. you're good brawl and i hope to brawl u more. you are a fun opponent to brawl, even though my falco has been improving. it would be nice to race against u in mario kart, but i dont have it yet but i will soon. Maybe one day, you'll beat slicer.

see ya around
Tankzortz Trogdor_002
Jul 23, 09 1:53am
wats up trog, its ur favorite kenny bot, tankz. u might kill me in teams in brawl for fun but one day ill rise to the golden age. hahahah okay maybe not but i getting there. one day i shall be pwn u . just not now
first entry now thats a snag!