Invader GIR Trio of 9999
Aug 3, 09 4:29pm
Happy birthday, Trio of 9999! I hope you get lots of prezzies on your sweet 16! It's my birthday as well and I've got a trampoline and The Mighty Book of Boosh. It's awesome to the absolute max. Anyway, whatever you get, I hope it's sufficient for you. Since it's also my birthday, why not sign my guestbook?

Happy birthday
Subaru7 Trio of 9999
Aug 3, 08 9:46pm
Well, you're 16 now right?

If not, my bad.

Happy Days!

Vicious Trio of 9999
Feb 9, 08 8:53pm
Nice greeting, really makes people line up to sign it...LOL. Anyway, see you on the forums dude, specifically the FFX forums, it's on!!!