OKay..i dunno you and you dunno me. But who cares it is your Birthday so yea..Happy Birthday

I hope you enjoy being stamped~

I'm signing loads of peoples guestbooks for the hell of it so I'd thought I'd sign your guestbook.

seasons greetings
i know im doing this just before xmas but who cares:D

have a merry christmas and a happy new year:)


Hi, have a very Merry Christmas. Cya around Hun xx
Oh my gawd dis girl lives up to her name !!!
Certainly i can say a 100% babe !!!
Umm something do strike me though u log in for bout 2 times and have 105 post
Nice though u've beaten the record ...

Nah i just spotted u somewhere just want to noe u bettter
Wow, posting this much in like a day? I never even got to that many that fast. Well anyways good seeing you around the forums.
Good to see someone stirring things up and causing trouble in loungin'. Anyway can't think of much else to type, that probably has something to do with not gettin any sleep last night. Anyway, here, enjoy this stamp...

Hey, I've seen you around the Lougin forum alot. I also noticed you're new around here. Welcome! I guess I'll stamp you now:

Sign Back

Well, I'm not threatening you, just couldnt find a decent picture

I see you around Loungin' forum,
You seem like a kick ass girl.

See you around, and engrave that message from the Stamp, lol


-={AKA The Anti Kikyo}=-
Avast ye matey, your guestbook has been boarded!

Wow it's been so long since i've signed a guestbook, i'm suprised i remember how to do this.

You're quite the chatty one, nearly 100 posts on your first day. You might be the next super popular neo girl.

Now how did i used to end these things...

- Timber Wolf