Oh dear non-existent God. -___-

also this kind of reminds me of the stereotypical bitch on the American high school TV dramas. :L

Anyways. You have my sympathies. ): You should get the buzz baton on 'em, just saying. Holly Short would approve.
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...Words cannot describe that. If calling someone a loser is "unChristlike", then I am glad to know this Jessica will be among the fire and brimstone where she belongs. read more

I'm not sure which of three three people I hate more, Jessica, the mother, or the principal. I do know these people are one of the types of people that make me want to strangle them. read more

Ooh, that bitch. She deserves something to cry about. Also, I see you have that stupid rule about eight people too. Our school has that, because one of the women who stands outside the hall and pretends to have a real job by telling people not to walk along a certain corridor decided that she couldn't cope with crowds, so by some warped logic they made a rule to suit her that said only eight people could sit at a table. I have no idea what that has to do with large crowds, or why it's even her business, since she stands outside the hall anyway. Maybe she's just bitter because we're getting a proper education and will have proper jobs. read more

The Beatles are classic but it doesn't feel like most of them are dead. read more

There's something very awe-inspiring in looking out for others when you yourself have never been worse. A hero indeed. read more