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Nov 10, 11 2:02pm

Don't always assume the crying one is right

Yes, this a blog post specially so I can bitch about something. It saves me from doing it more publicly and annoying everyone (or everyone who doesn't read blogs).

So first we need a bit of background information. At the beginning of this year, I sat at a lunch table with my friends Deanna, Hazel (my boyfriend's cousin), Alexis, Isa and Mary. Ty, Leah and Alyssa occasionally joined us. One of my classmates, Jessica, always used to walk past us once a week and say, "How're things at the loser table?" "Nice group---of six people." and finally, "God, you're the biggest group of fags I've ever seen." Since Jessica sat at the other girls' table (there's only 20 people in this class and the girls sit at two tables), people began getting sick of her rudeness and general skank behavior. By the time mid-September rolled around, three of Jessica's friends were sitting with us occasionally.

But today was the third day they'd sat with us in a row---Nathaniel, Olivia and Craig were a great addition to our table and we always had a lot of fun. Jessica marched over to us, hands on hips, and said:

"I'm so mad at you guys. Well, not the regulars. But Nathaniel, Livvy and Craig. You abandoned me! You abandoned us!"

At that point, our table group was all of the regulars mentioned above, plus Jessica's three friends. Feeling snarky, Deanna leaned back and said, "Who's at the loser table now, Jessie?"

Jessica reddened. "Where'd that come from? I . . . I never even said that!"

"Oh cut it out," Alexis said around a mouthful of cheese cosmo. "You said that every week. At the very least."

"Stop being such a liar," Deanna said.

Jessica turned even redder. She ran across the cafeteria, pointed a finger at us, and screamed,
"I HATE YOU ALL!" then she burst out crying.

"Impressive for a seventeen-year-old," Craig remarked, as half a dozen concerned cafeteria workers and friends enveloped Jessica with hugs and reassurances. Nathaniel remarked about how fun it is when girls fight. Then the furious cafeteria monitor came over to us.

"No one is leaving this table until the principal gets down here," he fumed. Deanna opened her mouth to say it was all her fault, but he pointed a finger. "Sit down and shut up. You have no right to speak now."

Then he left to get the principal. Isa wildly suggested making a run for it, but we realized that ten kids running for the door would definitely turn heads. The end-of-lunch bell rang. Some of us instinctively stood, but the cafeteria lady gave us the evil eye. We watched morosely as the rest of the upperclassmen filed out, giving us pitying waves or thumbs-up for making Jessica cry. Then one of the lunch volunteers came to our table.

"I saw everything, and first of all I want you to know, I was a trained psychologist in Los Angeles."

Then it hit us. This was the mother of one of the sophomores (Craig's classmate). He was completely crazy---supposedly a genius but weird as hell. Would his mother be the same way?

"Just a minute. I don't want my son to see this. He shouldn't have to watch."


"So I know all of you had a part in this . . ."

Okay, she definitely didn't see everything. Deanna and Alexis were the only ones who spoke.

" . . . and I know what you did was very unChristlike . . ."

Jesus, a fundie!

" . . . and this is a Christian environment. 'Loser' is not a proper term in a Christian environment. All of you need to apologize."

"Ms . . . " Deanna struggled to remember the woman's name. "It was just me. None of them said anything else. I called Jess a loser and she began crying."

"High five!" the woman said. "Right now, I have more respect for you than any of the people at this table. You had the courage to own up to your mistakes."

"But none of them did any . . ."

"I know you feel you need to cover for your friends, hon, but that will get you in trouble later on."

I was about to raise my hand to tell her Deanna was right, but Hazel, who was sitting next to me, grabbed it and put it down. "There's no arguing with this kind of batshit insane," she whispered.

The principal appeared. The other woman shrank away. The principal called us all over to the other end of the cafeteria and yelled at us for making Jessica cry. Deanna tried to but in, but the principal told her she was being out of line. Mary tentatively asked if she could explain, and the principal's reply shocked us into silence:

"What you say means nothing. I'm more inclined to listen to the crying girl than her antagonists."

We all got three detentions, two for making Jess cry and one for violating the no more than eight people at a table rule. Alexis got one more for "talking back". And the thing that irked me, was that, as I saw Jess leaving the cafeteria, she turned her head and smirked at us. There was no sorrow there. She was faking it, to get us back for some wrong that existed only in her head.

What I'm trying to say is, don't always assume the crying one is right. They might be genuinely upset, or they might be poisonous like Jess. So don't discount everyone else's story just because someone's sobbing.

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Steven Nov 10, 11
Ooh, that bitch. She deserves something to cry about. Also, I see you have that stupid rule about eight people too. Our school has that, because one of the women who stands outside the hall and pretends to have a real job by telling people not to walk along a certain corridor decided that she couldn't cope with crowds, so by some warped logic they made a rule to suit her that said only eight people could sit at a table. I have no idea what that has to do with large crowds, or why it's even her business, since she stands outside the hall anyway. Maybe she's just bitter because we're getting a proper education and will have proper jobs.
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GLaDOS Nov 10, 11
I'm not sure which of three three people I hate more, Jessica, the mother, or the principal. I do know these people are one of the types of people that make me want to strangle them.
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Name Undisclosed Nov 10, 11
...Words cannot describe that. If calling someone a loser is "unChristlike", then I am glad to know this Jessica will be among the fire and brimstone where she belongs.
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Neon Rainbow Nov 10, 11
Oh dear non-existent God. -___-

also this kind of reminds me of the stereotypical bitch on the American high school TV dramas. :L

Anyways. You have my sympathies. ): You should get the buzz baton on 'em, just saying. Holly Short would approve.