Born and Raise in the Philippines.

Make me suffer till I get further
I'm gettin' higher on every word you say to me
You make me feel like I'm not addicted
To anything, everything I breathe inside

Sit back relax I'm back with a full attack
You keep this track fresh so you can counteract
You penetrate my inner vision as a matter of fact
Your lack of respect, you never ever bring it back
One love, one soul as we take control
This is a call to the people around the globe
That come to shows and rock the world
Stronger than the mighty sword

I am the voice inside your mind
You come separate me, I'm not your kind
Try to let your hate out and you will find
That you got your own demon at the end of the line

Try to hear my voice on this microphone
I will spit all the words that will crush your bone
I am your worst nightmare, I'm inside your home
I'm teachin' all your kids so they won't be left alone

You left me with no soul my friend
And I'll be too damned to hurt you again

You always put me on the wrong story
I guess I know now
Why the hell you bring me down

Release your hate, do what you gotta do
Prepare yourself, be strong, you gotta make it through
I'm the one who made you scream "*bleep* You!"
I want to say it again "*bleep* You!"
Your discrimination is my motivation
You callin' me a freak? Ohh shit that's your opinion
I don't care and I don't play fair
I've had enough coz you stop and stare

Reject the broken words and let me flow
Yo! I come to show you now who got to go
Stop talkin' behind my back, you better let me know
So better hurry up and never say no


Drawing,Movies,Anime, Graphics, Video Games.

To be a Concept Artist.

And you, yes YOU, you're interesting enough to be looking at my profile O . O


I ain't dead

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Review: Fire Emblem - Fire Emblem

Jan 31, 2005

This game is one of the best games for GBA IMO, if you love real time strategy, you'll love this game, if you're a fan of games with medevil units, you'll love this, archers, knights, heavy armored units. Who don't like games like those eh?...

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