I would sell myself to get an early copy of this game! Left4Dead2 X360
One of the best games ever. I have it as an Xbox original from the XBL Marketplace. GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PS2
A very hard game, but its pulled off well. Only for seasoned RTS players. CommandandConquerRedAlert3 PS3
Amazing multiplayer. Halo3 X360
Skirmish will keep you busy for an hour or two. HaloWars X360
Good multiplayer when you're with friends. BrainChallenge DS
Better than the sequel. Addicting. VivaPinata X360
Great game, but I bought it pre-owned and it always crashes in the same part of career mode. DonKingPresentsPrizefighter DS
Fast cars, but gets boring quickly. OutRunOnlineArcade PS3
Easily the best game on the 360. CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PS3
Its a good game but I hate the way the cars handle, even if they are realistic. ForzaMotorsport2 X360
Its okay for killing a few hours. GrandTheftAuto4 PS3
Damn, the challenges are hard. Done adventure mode, so I really only go on it for Peg Party Peggle DS
Awesome. Playing it at the moment. Love the DLC, especially the new verses maps. I love Death Toll! Left4Dead PC

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