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Jun 12, 09 3:02pm
Great fun for the first 4 stages, but several hours into the final stage, the game loses its point/direction. Spore
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  • "very fun and extremely unique. 8/10 Spore"
    samwise995 Apr 04, 11 1:20pm
  • "lol i just had a blooper in the galactic version XD Spore"
    dragonoidso Aug 28, 10 7:10am
  • "pretty creative ive created 500+ or more but the moral lesson is to have fun and to be creative. Spore"
    dragonoidso Aug 27, 10 8:35pm
  • "Words can't describe how I feel about the creation in this game. I love it. I love everything about it. Well, except Civilization stage. Spore"
    JasonKaotic Jul 22, 10 12:36pm
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