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Feb 04, 09 1:52am

Obviously, you've been hooked by my corker of a first post, and are now dying to know what decision I've just made, what great big life-defining changes it's going to bring about, and whether or not I'm happy with the outcome. Right?
Well, allow me to explain:

And the waves cascade
Backwards through time,
Echoing distantly against hollow walls
Before falling silent into a sea of stars,
Of nothing, infinity.

As lights in the sky
Gradually fade and are extinguished,
The waves are replaced by fire.
Burning wrath scorches hollow walls
As the ages unravel below.

And here, atop this barren hill -
A scar on the parched land -
I look to the sky, expectant.
The blank canvas of night stares back,
The last stars glare.

Before me stands a mountain,
Framed against a wash of star-studded darkness.
Behind me, the harsh, dangerous wastelands lurk,
Subdued. Navigated.
The heavens beckon, the summit awaits.

The mountain can wait:
I need to prepare.


I promised I'd do something a little different. Hopefully, you're just as confused as you were 30 seconds ago.
But here's the twist. From that cryptic little ditty I just came up with, you've got to tell me what ground-breaking decision I've just made. If you get it right, I'll be very impressed; I'll even take 5 minutes out of my busy schedule to write in your guestbook. Aren't you lucky?
I lied, by the way. My schedule is far from busy; or else I wouldn't be here, would I?

Also, you should probably go and listen to some classical music, now. Go on, try it. I'm going to take a leap of faith and presume you're not really into the whole "classical music" scene, that you haven't really got much experience in that area. Maybe you don't want any experience in that area. Maybe you think it's outdated?
Well you, sir/madam, are wrong. Now, go listen to some. In fact, I'll save you the trouble of searching:
1. This is the Pop Music of Modern Classical. Impossible not to like: Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. Close your eyes, and listen to it all; the climax is one of the most beautiful moments in all of music.
2. And this is the Alternative Rock of Classical Music. Maybe I'll find you some heavy metal, later...
Yes, this piece is the one I'm currently learning. It's Hindemith's Solo Viola Sonata Op. 25, the 4th Movement. Quite a task, considering the Metronome Mark (the speed in crotchet Beats Per Minute/BPM) is a whopping 640. Wish me luck...

And finally, as promised:


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Trafalgar blogged
Feb 03, 09 3:12am

First Blog post! And this isn't even limited to Neoseeker, either: I've never thought anyone would care about what I have to say on an internet journal (or the lack thereof). I've never written a blog post before.
So what has prompted this unprecedented opening-up of the strange, mixed-up wastes that make up my mind to you, the casual and probably very bored reader? Is it a yearning for attention? A need to express myself in some way, to release pent up emotion due to the frustrations of real life? Am I now labouring under the naive misapprehension that somebody might find this warped window into my life interesting or informative?
Well, actually, I just thought a little blog icon under my avatar would be quite cool.

So, what do I write here, then? Perhaps I should check somebody else's blog for a rough idea.


...Okay, thanks, Chaos; you were the first person I came across in Loungin' with a blog icon.
So this is basically just a diary? "Today I went to College. It was boring. I came home and made dinner. I went on Neoseeker and wrote a blog post informing my loyal following of my lack of activity for the day, and now I'm going to bed"? That sort of thing?
...but that's boring.

So here's a twist. I'll try to make my posts interesting, even if they don't even contain any information. Maybe I'll summarise particularly boring days in music or poetry. Maybe I'll try and make you laugh. Or maybe I'll just not bother, and find that the boredom that is responsible for this particular venture just fizzles out by tomorrow.

So, I think I've already summarised today quite accurately above. What, you thought I was joking? That's my typical weekday, right there. Except I probably won't go to bed until after I've done a good couple of hours Viola practice. I have a performance A-Level exam this Friday, and I've not even chosen my pieces yet. There has to be a link between them, and the repertoire I'm currently learning/have recently learned is all completely unrelated. Any ideas, anyone? First person to say "Devil Went Down to Georgia" gets an e-slap.
That said, the piece has to have been originally written for Viola, so hell, if anyone can even NAME one, I'll be impressed. I don't think even I could name more than 10 of such pieces that are suitable for the exam. So that's a worry at the minute, or would be if I ever actually worried about this sort of thing.

In other news, I've just made the biggest decision of my life. More on this story later: I think I could waste an entire blog post on the issue. I've also failed to make this blog post interesting. Well, sorry guys: I'll try harder next time :P

Now. Viola awaits. Ciao for now.


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