Yo guys I saw around noon today that aegislash is being suspect tested for ou. There is a ladder for it and all the reqs and

aight i'm back on normally now sorry to anyone who needed me
I might not be on till friday, I gotta go on a trip but i might be able to get on here just dont expect a response if u need to notify me.
Finally got around to editing my name I think it looks a little more professional in caps!

Hey guys I'm running a support torterra with Stealth Rock/ Earthquake/ Wood Hammer/ Synthesis and I was wondering if I sh

Hey guys I need to embed some music into my facebook group page but I'm too lazy to so If you are willing to just PM me or reply to this.

Sorry if this has been posted but anyway I loved doing this with rare candies and master balls in emerald version .Did you gu

Omg guys I just figured out how to get a pokemon badge on here it's so awesome! Of course it's torterra too.

So I tried out this new pokemon simulator and I freakin love it. It's so much less laggier than showdown and has it's

Over 1000 posts HE** YEAH!!!

The ultimate warrior died woah just two days after appearing on Raw how he died was not said it's impossible for me to believe he looked fine on Raw
Everyone's so excited for the nintendo direct and I have to work on my science project ugh

Hey guys this is a OU team I use on showdown and I'm really enjoying it so I plan on making it my main team so I would li

I feel a 2nd staright year for louisville coming up we got this!
Tornado Watch here I freaking hate these things so much

All right I have a serious issue with this thing ever since it got knock off it takes at least 2 of my poke's down when i

Well I'm back on here sorry to anyone that was affected which i doubt but I'll be on here daily now So see ya around!
Ugh had to test for like 4 hours today atleast we got to see a movie I guess!
Logs in to Neo wayyy too much

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