GameXplain released preview footage on Youtube that shows 3 retro tracks namely: Moo Moo Meadows, Royal Raceway, and Toad'

Looking for a trustworthy person to help me evolve my Electabuzz! :) FC: 0559-7689-3682

Can a trustworthy person help me evolve my Porygon? Please bring it back to me afterwards. :)

I just need a Turtwig or Porygon. Even if both Pokemon don't have perfect IVs! I'm the one who's going to do the

Looking for Ditto, Electebuzz, Magmar, Luxray, or Togepi but will add anyone. :) FC: 0559-7689-3682

Code: 6LEG-WWWW-WWW3-DC3F Match was forfeited because of my Kangaskhan's unexpected moveset. :D

Pls. Help me. :) FC: 0559-7689-3682 I'm ground type I think...

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