Jun 1, 15 5:28am
Insomnia is a hell of a drug.
Nov 20, 13 3:30pm
Reading over messages I post I determine I either seem like a smart arse, a grump, or a grumpy smart arse.
Oct 31, 13 9:31am
The horrifying secret of my username has shocked and amused weaboos the world over.
Oct 28, 13 4:04pm
Just wants to spoil it for everyone.
Oct 24, 13 4:38pm
Funny how a bee caught in the office can be hours of fun. I mean torture. Anxiety and torture.
Oct 14, 13 4:41pm
Playing Pokemon Y represents the most masculine thing I've done in months.
Sep 26, 13 3:53pm
Using self actualisation to emulate the effects of heroin.
Torebaa blogged
Sep 9, 13 4:16pm

Reading over PMs from 5 to 8 years ago I have come to the conclusion that my sanity and my sexual alignment seemed to be questionable. I suppose not much has changed.
Feb 10, 07 1:15am

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