Holy Warrior Tora
Feb 14, 08 8:40am
Always remember girls can't play FE as well as boys. J/K. As you gave me Yaoi on my guestbook, I return the favor. Remember, I didn't delete yours, so you can't delete mine!

Crystal Creation Tora
Oct 14, 07 4:16am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Crystal Crusher Tora
Dec 14, 06 10:30am
well i guess it's that time of year again. Open wide! ^^

Merry Christmas!
Crystal Crusher Tora
Oct 17, 06 4:00am
Thankoo for signing. We do have a lot in common don't we? ^^

ShinySuicune7784 Tora
Sep 9, 06 8:46pm
Sorry I haven't checked my guestbook in well...... FOREVER! But now i'll sign you back!!(wish I knew how to give you a stamp!!)
Relmutsie AN Tora
Sep 4, 06 8:42pm
I appreciate the signing, and here's the sign back.

PM me anytime and see you around.

Yours truly, ultimate boktai fan,
Zotic Tora
Aug 15, 06 8:49am
You should look at mine!

How's my stamp?

Sign Back!
dzkpokemon Tora
Aug 15, 06 3:06am
Hey Tora wanted just 2 say hi! i just started watching naruto and i like it 2 and ive been an avatar fan 4 awhile! keep up the AWESOME fusion making!
ShinySuicune7784 Tora
Aug 13, 06 5:54am
Hey! How's it going??? Just wanna help your guestbook and say Chase Young and Kakashi Sensei are my favorite characters from Naruto and Xiaolin Showdown too.
Peace Out!!!!!!!
Jak_X_ Tora
Aug 11, 06 10:00am
You're guestbook needed a little life! Lol. Here's my stamp and sign back! =)

Fluidity Tora
Aug 10, 06 9:48pm
I don't like when I see empty guestbooks, so here's a stamp. Please sign back. ^^