Subtle Toony
Jun 22, 09 11:51pm
Happy B-day
Couldn't find an awesome cake to give you though, but here it is =]

I call it:Falcon Punch!
GL on being one year older
*Sniff* They grow up so fast
Slicer Toony
Jun 22, 09 11:34pm
Happy Birthday Man
I've never signed and don't like signing guestbooks,but I have to make an exception for you. You're really cool and your brawling skills are awesome.
Keep it cool! =D
TKDJohnofVG Toony
Jun 22, 09 1:48pm
do toony dude,

i'm pretty sure ur first few days on neo got rough cus you were 5ive at the time...

but things got better didn't they?

anyway thanks for coming to SoC and you rock so have an awesome birthday

-TKDJohnofVG (signature coming soon)
EternalNightmare Toony
Jun 22, 09 4:52am
Well i know we argument alot but you still a friend so i'll take the time out to sing this lma =P
Happy birthday man, wish you the best!
ACLax Toony
Jun 22, 09 4:18am
Toony! man, idk you much, but ur still amazing. And I feel we'll get even cooler as time goes on. Have a great birthday bro... I'm signing now case Idk what my plan is tomorrow... But stay cool, and have an amazing Birthday!