Starring: Andy Coates Adam Jones Phil Rees Max Derp

"Run To The Hills" was put into rotation by local DJ's and Nurgle soon became hometown heroes. They were swarmed by fans begging for autographs in the supermarket and the post office. Nurgle sent their demo to legendary indie label Kill Rock Stars, who signed the band and got the band an interview with Sleater-Kinney came across the interview while surfing the web, emailed Nurgle and asked them to open on the European leg of their world tour. Andy Coates, Max Derp Phil Rees and Adam Jones were thrilled. But they played so loudly that they blew out the sound systems of EVERY venue they played and ended up getting kicked off the tour after five shows because they were borrowing amplifiers and couldn't afford to pay for the repairs. They were livin' large until the mayor started using "Run To The Hills" as the theme song for his reelection campaign. When the mayor was busted in a credit card scam (dragged offstage at a sold out fundraising concert--as Nurgle launched into "Run To The Hills"--and thrown in jail), things quickly turned sour. The story went national and Letterman, Leno and O'Brien all played the footage of the arrest (with "Run To The Hills" as the de facto soundtrack) so many times that people started requesting "Run To The Hills" all over the country. They'd say, "Hey, you know that song in that video where the mayor is dragged off stage and taken to jail? I wanna hear that one." They came to be known as the LOUDEST band EVER and were banned from playing anywhere but in church basements and state fairs. The legend of Nurgle, the loudest band on earth, lives on. (Phil Rees is serving 15 years in Federal prison for fraud.)
Andy Coates
Maximillion Derpatovski

Adam Jones

Philip Rees