I don't run into nearly enough fans of the richey era manics. Peace, dude.
You signed. What else can I do but sign back?
2. Yes I do. Don't add me though. D:<

Time to be the first one to stamp yuor guestbook!

Yeah, pretty badass stamp

GTAIV coming soon! The pic of bellic has been edited by me! Hope you like!

Char. limit: 125125125125125125125125125125125125125125125 125125125125125125125125125125125125125125125 125125125125125125125125125125125125125125125

That's for the randomtastic signing I'm such a good contributor to guestbooks
Normally I'm far too lazy to sign guestbooks. You asked nicely though, so why not. I've never really spoken to you but you seem like a nice person.

*Insert fancy guestbook image here*

See ya around.
Hey! I will definitely check out that music. Dream Theater owns. And my friend made me listen to Liquid Tension Experiment yesterday and they're pretty awesome. But yeah, go ahead and add my msn! Talk to you later.

I stamp you because your avatar is from one of the most kick ass albums ever. Now return the favor so I don't have to behead you.
Thanks for the stamp! And sure, you can add me to MSN. You didn't need to ask!

I would stamp you back, but I haven't got one of my own. I should probably get one sooner or later.


Thank you for signing my guestbook! Here's one for you...stay connected friend~
Lol what was all that you sent me? Are you sure I'm not pregnant? I'd hate to be kept awake on those sleepless nights, wondering...
You haFf been stamped by the ulmighty sTuYy. [= [=

Laterzz. <3
Thx for signing my G-book. Now to rreturn the favor, or as you say it, "Hit you back homeslice." Neat poem (Was it a poem?) Lol. ^^

So why the hell have I put on all that weight then?

Thanks for signing my guestbook, I appreciate it. Sorry if I took A while to sign back cause I haven't been on neo in a while.
Thanks yeah rehab was a bitch just dropping by no lie hey you got something in your eye.So just saying what's up home boy give me some love and i'll give you some drugs
Just thought I'd hop by and say that I have a terrible ear ache and it's all your fault! I'm suing you for this. Also, Panda meat tastes like chicken if you cook it long enough. Just a heads up, don't let that Panda bear go to waste!

Boxers offer less support than briefs.

My name is Mule and I approve this message.
Hey dude,sorry for getting u wrong, I guess I can be a bit thick, sorry but I don't know how to stamp a Gbook, and do ya wanna be neofrinds, P.M mewith your answer

Pls sign back