Aswm420 Tomski
Apr 6, 11 7:33pm
man i love the power of a all american V8 in a car like the new challenger the sound and power are just well AWSM.

i love going to good sweeping turns like at hi speed ring . grand vally and many others and taking off the ASM and TCS and just fanesing the car throug a turn as i road the rear wheels like a marshmellow over a fire .

ad me on PSN and c my POWER CARS and my drifters 2 lol
Liverpool_96 Tomski
Apr 6, 11 7:03pm
Hey there, thought I'd sign your guestbook as you seem like a good chap. We had an epic push race where we were unlucky to win in GT5. Your winning picture in this weeks competition is awesome and I forgot to vote.

A little sign off;

Thought you'd like it.