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It was no one's fault, Henry.
Come and vote for this years first PES 2015 Goal of the Fortnight!
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So the Lizard Squad was taken out by another hacker group. Lmao.
3 AM flash flood warning. FML.
Just got my January issue of GameInformer. No Man's Sky sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.
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Waterman cubes and chili powder <3
Now that the glove grips the wheel.

Nah, it's the first gen Mini so I don't want to risk a performance drop. read more

re: Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be a mod. And tbh, Parmar1993 should've been considered for PES 2015 over me.

You've done better, though. Shit, I think you've done 10x the work I've done. read more