Fighting Nazi Zombie Fetuses. Only in South Park: The Stick of Truth

So I'm going to GameStop to return some games I didn't like. I get off the bus, and go into a liquor store to buy a w

With gameplay footage now being release what's everyone's first impressions? I have to say, from the mess ( an en

Xbox loses another exclusive. Ryse confirmed for a PC release.

Like many of you guys, I purchased the game day one. I purchased the Special Edition for $80. Now that Rockstar announced the

--Quote-- Today we’re revealing a new way for gamers to play more EA games. This is something we’ve never done be

Is there a certain place in the map you like to just turn off the HUD and just drive or fly? My me I love just flying arou

Hey everyone! Only posted in here a few times. Just wondering if they're worth it. Saw them on an online comic shop f

So like Ubisoft are streaming the new Rainbowsix on Twitch

Should PES have these? I love them in FIFA, you can completely change the way the game plays to your liking, make it more fas

So we're getting close to a year from GTA V's release. We've all been playing a while. So who's your favorite

This is one of the best things in another series of sports games. 2K Sports allows this great system where you can download u

So these are the first screenshots for the Remastered Edition, *bleep*ing hell they look amazing. :o http://cdn4.dualshock

--Quote IGN-- BY CHRIS SCHILLINGNews that the latest edition of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series will feature micro

RIP Alfredo Di Stefano.

With the release of the two football gaming giants being at the end of the year, who has more to lose? Both games are comi


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