That Titan X, though, 12GB of VRAM!!!!1!!!1
Huehuehue. My post count is at 8888. 8 is just infinity stood up.
Noooooo! Leonard Nimoy. :(

So what did everyone have for breakfast today? I'm gonna eat breakfast a little late today since its 11 AM where I liv

GTA V delayed again for PC. BahahahaHaha!

--Quote-- "According to the Mirror and Daily Mail, 37-year-old Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela, long dreamed of lookin

I hate being bipolar, it's great!
That Tarzan soundtrack ain't no joke.
Feel like selling my PS4. I miss the Xbox Controller. :(
Just tried Yoohoo for the first time. It's alright,
GTA V for PC delayed until March, loooooooool. _The Pit_ _ What is this? _ Let's just say it's wher

Love, save us once.
Just introduced myself to the beautiful world of xbmc
New year. New house.


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