_What Is This?_ Well, recently I decided to hang my GFX boots up, and I was actually wondering if I should leave the communi

It was no one's fault, Henry.
Come and vote for this years first PES 2015 Goal of the Fortnight! http://neo.ly/1G7EVrE
I like your new avatar; it looks a lot more like the real you.
So the Lizard Squad was taken out by another hacker group. Lmao.

Anyone else in Southern California? It's been raining down hard for a while now. Supposedly NorCal got it worse. Soun

3 AM flash flood warning. FML.
Just got my January issue of GameInformer. No Man's Sky sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.
Waterman cubes and chili powder <3
Now that the glove grips the wheel.

_Goal of the Fortnight_ _What is this?_ This is a bi-weekly competition to show off your fancy finishing. _How can I p

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be a mod. And tbh, Parmar1993 should've been considered for PES 2015 over me.
Redemption, please make 100px avatars the norm!
ctrl, what happened to cross eyed Spock?
*GASP* Santa is real!
So who's this Santa going around gifting N+? I'd really appreciate this gift, Santa. I've somewhat been a good boy this year. :D
Soooooooo much work just to use the DS4 on Windows.


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