Halo 5, October, BE THERE! All aboard the hype train!!!
Sunset Overdrive is kinda like inFAMOUS, but 100x whackier, and 100x better.
So what's the deal with Amiibos? Twas at Gamestop and some sketchy looking dude kept asking the price for them.
Is AC Unity fixed? Currently $20 on amazon.

So I think some of us have done something with an ulterior motive. Be it for personal gain or for humiliating a peer at schoo

Have any of you ever had any? A few years ago we used to have a terrible neighbor. He lived alone, never saw his outside

Madness is the emergency exit....
I'm on the verge of triple dipping on GTA V. 360 > PS4, and now Xbox One. D:
Been downloading the Master Chief Collection for 3 days now and it's only at 56% bwahahaha!
ermahgerd the snap on Xbone is glorious
My Xbone came with a free copy of The Master Chief Collection. That 50GB download, though. -_-
That Titan X, though, 12GB of VRAM!!!!1!!!1
Huehuehue. My post count is at 8888. 8 is just infinity stood up.
Noooooo! Leonard Nimoy. :(

So what did everyone have for breakfast today? I'm gonna eat breakfast a little late today since its 11 AM where I liv

GTA V delayed again for PC. BahahahaHaha!

--Quote-- "According to the Mirror and Daily Mail, 37-year-old Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela, long dreamed of lookin


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