Firstly I'll explain 2 important facts, I'm white English, he is Black Caribbean (he's from St Kitts). My gf is b

I'm a corrupter :D

This isn't a poll, or even a troll at the place but having seen the Farewell Neoseeker thread and had a look in there I n

I started off at Villa, got them to 6th and left for Valencia. They sold most of their decent players in the 1st season, they

I shall live n die by my pork sword :D haha
Watching an uproar is fun :)
Halal dog food?!

I have some friends that play, some that don't always wanna play and there's me, trying to grift $. I'll host Thoughts loungin'? I know 1 guy who enjoyed the rioting, @Aran,

Just started my next season in 2017, noticed Arsenal signing a player whose name I didn't recognize, he's a regen the

So, Thiago might not be getting his contract renewed.

Everyone lol's at United for struggling away v lower league oppostion - City/Chelsea slide out the Cup, measly Liverpool draw 0-0 at home!

I don't class it as an illness, no *bleep*ing way. The reason why I'm asking 'loungin this is because I commented

You can have the true love of your life, be forever guaranteed and happy or rich to the point where it never runs out, but yo

Its been on the edge of snowing in England recently, only a lil bit has landed and stuck so far, and I'm hoping it snows

Lol Messi fans are butthurt
Smelly people get offended when you apply the boot.

Ok. I recently began the SAF challenge, I got West Ham. Now, I started off really well and I developed a useful tactic for th

Hey, I'm Tom, I'm 28 and I play Minecraft on ps4 :) I'm looking for someone to build a world with. I've be As United, failed to sign Reus, thought Bernard would be a good addi

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