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The fourth version of my NeoHome started construction on 7th March 2009. The layout of the home has not been changed at all, but rather the changes made are to the aesthetics and graphics. Whilst normally I would not give such a change a whole new version number, because of the nature of this change I have decided to do so in this instance.

Tom's Neohome v3.0 started construction on 22nd January 2008 and was completed just one day later. For those of you who ever visited version 2, you will notice that this is very similar in many ways. I had completed my old version of the home, but unfortunately a change in the design of the default Neoseeker page meant that I had to re-style it completely.

I decided to keep my old theme as I'd worked too hard on it to just waste it, and so I used all my old style images and incorporated them into the new version. Luckily for me, when I accidentally destroyed my old home before the site updates, I found a Google cache of it and decided to keep a backup, so I was able to snatch my main body from that without having to re-do it, so all I had to do was change a few images and a bit of styling.

If you visited v2, you will also notice that I got rid of the sidebars. I thought they were quite cool at first, but when I realised that they only worked in Firefox, I decided to scrap that feature.

I would like to thank my brother, as he helped me solve a couple of minor CSS errors here and there, and I would also like to thank the HTML/CSS and Neohome Help Forum and all its regulars for the support and advice they have given to me during the construction of this version and the previous version (although I did 95% of this home myself, I did make the odd mistake here and there which I couldn't spot.


I'm Tom, would you believe. I'm a not so average 18 year old from Manchester in England and in the 4 years since I first registered on Neoseeker I've changed dramatically. Don't be fooled into thinking I'm the quiet little geek in the corner that I once was, cos I'm far from that now.

A lot of things help to shape my life into what it is today, and one of the major influences is the Army Cadet Force. I've been in for 5 years, and it has taught me everything I know about discipline and manners and has boosted my self confidence into orbit. In the short time that I've been in I've managed to become a Master Cadet, which is the top of the ladder in terms of training, and I've risen to the rank of Sergeant Major, which is the second highest you can get to, so believe me I know my stuff. More fool the people who thought I'd never stick with it.

Number 2 dress I live for the weekends - without them I wouldn't be the same person that I am today. Granted I spend a lot of money on drinks, but from the first time that I went out drinking on a Friday night in February 2009 to now I've become a party animal, which is why I've drifted away from the internet a lot in comparison to what I was like in the old days. Get me a bottle of Stella and come chill some time if you're ever in the area.

Without my iPod I'd be lost. I really don't know how I'd cope in life without my music. It's one of the defining aspects of who I am. I'll listen to anything, but by choice my taste ranges from more emo stuff like My Chemical Romance, You Me At Six and Fall Out Boy to metalcore like Trivium and Bullet for My Valentine, or from classics like Iron Maiden and Metallica to raging death metal like Lamb of God and DevilDriver. So you can kind of guess what kind of stuff I'm gonna like, and I dress to suit it. If I'm in a hardcore mood, it's a hoodie, leather jacket, baggy jeans, assault boots and chains. If I'm in a softcore mood it tends to be skinny jeans with Vans or Converse and some kind of band t-shirt. When I'm driving my Corsa down the streets, the windows have to be down and the music has to be up. Yes, I'm licensed to drive and I do have a car.

I'm now at the end of my college life now and I'm looking at University. In school without much effort I managed to achieve 6 A* grades and 9 A grades, and at college I've achieved an A in A-level Computing, with the results for Maths and Physics still pending. If I get grades AAB, come September I'll be studying Computer Science at the University of Manchester, and in 3 years time I'll hopefully be able to append BSc to my name. Or if I decide to continue my studies then a bit further down the line I could prepend Dr to my name.

Over my time on Neoseeker, I have come to make many friends and there are so many friendly people that I couldn't list them all, so I decided to list all the ones on my current list in alphabetical order. If there's any pictures of them around, I'll also link to those as well as their profile.

A gang at the bar 03phigg - a person whom I know personally, as he attended my school, and when you get to know him he's an all round great guy. Shame he only posted for one day.

Abe 92 - another great guy who attended my school. Ignore the Chicago thing - he doesn't really live there; he's just bluffing. He never posts either.

bobbonew - bobbonew is like one of the gods on this site when it comes to the internet. If you've got a problem with anything from HTML to PHP, he can probably sort it. But that's not an advert for you to bug him, because he'll be busy working on his own site, Questional.

ChiroVette - well, where to start about Chiroman? What a great guy he is! I'll try to sum it up in a sentence or two. A New York civillian, who is probably one of the greatest mods on the site. He has loads of experience and is willing to help out anyone with problems. Also he's good for a laugh over PM too. Possibly more famous for his huge muscles and his Corvette. What a beauty that thing is.

curious Gourge - this guy I have seen around a few times and also goes by the username ChickMagnet07 or something like that. Good for a chat on MSN.

Iconic - always makes for a good chat on MSN, and he seems to be pretty cool on the forums too. An overall great guy and certainly lives up to his username!

Infinite - he's a great guy to talk to and he is a regular on the Smackdown! boards. He really helps me out a lot on the SvR08 board which I moderate and he's overall a really nice person.

Jay_Z - an attention whore if there ever was one, always trying to get his name in the GTA IV CWM title. Just kidding, although that is kinda true he can be a great guy, funny, witty and good to talk to.

jespomo - before he got promoted to Loungin', he was the PSP action section mod and he helped me back when I first became a mod. When I bother to talk, he makes a good conversation on MSN too.

Kjgmusic - I was always aspiring to be Vice City Stories mod, and before I finally got it, Kjg's was the action section mod and he helped me achieve what I wanted so badly. But then he got promoted to Loungin' too. I'm seriously wanting to try out the PSP action section mod spot and see where it gets me.

metaphit - I used to see this guy a lot for my first few months, and he was a good guy, but unfortunately I haven't seen him around recently.

Motorway Maniac - he registered back in August '06, and his post count shot straight up. He came up with some very good pre-release ideas for Grand Theft Auto IV, and he seems to be a very nice guy.

Seung - an overall nice guy, and he seems to be very hard working and dedicated when it comes to Neo-based projects.

Shane - a true n00b if ever there was one, or at least on MSN. He describes me as a virus because every time he talks to me he has the urge to act like a n00b. I'm not quite sure why, but if that's what he wants to do, then I'll let him. If you want a pic, look here!

Stitch - Stitch is a really cool guy, and if I'm honest I couldn't tell that he's from the Netherlands because his grammar and his ability to speak English often shows up those of people who use it as their first language. Good to see that he made the moderating team and makes for a good chat on MSN too.

Supernouva - in early 07 he was my lord and master in the Neo Slave Auctions, and he made me do all sorts of things which I didn't like, but I respect him.

The Getaway fan 14 - Not quite sure how he ended up on my friends list, but I see him around a lot, and he seems like a really friendly guy.

the knowledge - I don't see this guy much any more, although I used to see him a lot on the GTA forums. He's a great guy, and as the name suggests has a lot of knowledge.

The Shape - I see this guy around from time to time and get along well with him. Still not sure how he got on the list, but he is... Still, I suppose he deserves it.

ulitmate taz - apart from the fact that this guy seems to stalk me around boards trying to beat my post count, he's a very helpful person and is always willing to help me out when I need a hand with the VCS forum.

VeGiTAX2 - one of the site's ex-supermods, VeGi has always been extremely helpful to me and he deserves to be on here. But he wasn't at first until I discovered that I was on his list. But, if you have any real problems on the site, VeGi is probably one of the best people to go to.

Venom - Venom is a great guy and an excellent mod, and I hope we will be seeing plenty more of him around the forums. A great guy to chat with on MSN too.

Verdant_Abyss - the lord of the San Andreas myths, Verdant has been on my list right from the very start. That's over a year! I've been annoyed with him a couple of times, but we made up and we're still friends.

Vito Raliffe - Vito is another friendly, helpful guy, and he was the guy responsible for getting me added to the GTA Neoportal, which I am now staff on. Nice one, Vito!

Will Baxter - Will and I used to own our own forum together, and I am currently working on new custom software for it, and the link will be here as soon as we're ready. Anyway, Will and I get along quite well, and he's a good guy.

Here is a list of all the responsibilities I have held on Neoseeker since I joined in April 2006 in order of achieving them. I'm hoping to make this list slightly more full as I spend more time on Neo, but considering I've only been here a year, this is pretty decent.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories [PSP]
WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2008 [PS2]

wiki staff
GTA NeoWiki
Hitman NeoWiki

Here are all my favourite forums around Neo. Not loads, but I think these are the best there are around the site. But that's my opinion.

Grand Theft Auto IV [PS3] - Modded by Chiro the legend, this board should show a lot of activity in the months and possibly even years to come. Perhaps Chiro will need a co-mod? Haha, he's already had people asking or hinting him, but we all know who's good for the job. Just kidding. But, I hope to see this forum nice and lively closer to the game release. Good luck to you modding this one, Chiroman!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories [PS2] - I rarely visited this one, but GTA forums always have a good atmosphere around them, so I added it to my favourites. Liberty City Stories is a great game, and the forum is really helpful if you have any problems, so it's a shame it died out so quickly. No hopes of it being brought back either. I hate it when GTA forums die.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [PS2] - Back when I was newly registered, this was probably one of my favourite forums, but as time moved on so did I. To GTA IV. Now the forum is kinda getting spammed up by newbies saying stuff like "i saw teh bigfut!". This was the busiest board on the site at one point, but it's dying with the game. However with any luck it should remain active for a good while yet. Modded by the one and only Chiro!

Grand Theft Auto Social Forum - Well, this is like a version of Loungin' created especially for the GTA community, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out in the end. Good look with the modding to the three of you. =D

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [PS2] - This one was a bit before my time on Neo, but I'm fairly sure that this was just as good a forum as any Grand Theft Auto board. It must have been fairly busy too to get so many pages of threads. I've only posted in there a few times though, as it was dead when I arrived. Anyway, rest in piece to that forum, shame to see another dead Grand Theft Auto board.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories [PS2] - I flooded this place badly for about 3 days, and then it died because news got out about IV and everyone left. So I'm still top poster there by a mile even though I haven't posted there for a long time. Chiro got the mod spot (that was mine you bastard! Only joking), and good luck to him, even though there's nothing to mod after the IV trailer was released.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories [PSP] - Well when this first opened Kjg was action section mod and I helped him out, then he got promoted to Loungin'. Then that handsome guy known as Tom got the mod spot on 28th January 2007. Then jes the action section mod got promoted to Loungin'. Anyway, enough about conspiracies, a great friendly board which I'm the mod of, and it's worth popping in and visiting sometime.

Hitman: Blood Money - I never understood why the Hitman boards never quite took off. It's a great game series and it's fairly popular. The board was a really nice place to visit before it died off completely. Such a wonderful series deserves much more credit than it gets. I'm fairly sure that if you like this game you'd have a lovely little community to welcome you.

HTML/CSS & NeoHome Help Forum - <a href="http://www.neoseeker.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/sm_bl_logo.gif" alt="Neo Logo" title="Neo Logo" /></a>. Don't have a clue what that means? I was like that many years ago, but this forum will give you all the help you need to build a NeoHome and learn HTML, XHTML and CSS.

Loungin' - Not saying that I actually like Loungin'. In fact I very rarely go in there, but it is good for attracting spam and bitch fights.

NeoWiki Requests and Planning - As a staff member on a couple of Wikis, I take interest in some of the upcoming projects which we are to see in the NeoWiki system, so I added this so could keep frequently up to date. Myself currently being on the Grand Theft Auto and Hitman Wiki, I naturally take interest in the system, and I hope that I'll be able to work for pleny of other portals in time to come.

Resident Evil 4 [PS2] - This is the board where I made my first post as a member. It was a rather lively place at the time, and it had two moderators and most people who visited there were regulars. God only knows how it still needs a moderator though, with a PPD that low! It was a nice place back in its day, but it's past tis time now, and it is pretty much dead.

Resident Evil 5 [PS3] - I visited here a lot when the board was first created, but I kinda lost track, and I might go back and start posting there again some time in the future depending on how things go. But for now, I don't really go in there and post at all so all I can do is describe what the place was like last time I checked up, and at the time it was quite a good atmosphere.

UK and Ireland - Well, it used to just be the UK forum, but that was months ago. Now it's the UK and Ireland forum, good for Brits like me to have a chat with other Brits and see if there's anyone living close to me visiting and posting. I've noticed a few people just a couple of miles from me up here in Manchester. This is certainly a great place to visit for some of Britains hottest topics!

Web Coding Forum - $sql = "INSERT INTO `$tbl` (`date`)VALUES(now())"; $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());. If you don't know what that means then you need to learn MySQL. Check this forum for any help with all sorts of codes, including PHP, MySQL, ASP and JavaScript.

WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2008 - Well, I was never a regular on WWE forums, but this one I have tried to help out on, and it seems like a nice friendly place, so I may stick around. I also had a shot at modding there on a three week temporary spot, and then ended up getting full time before my temp cover was up. This is probably an adventure for me since I rarely step foot outside the GTA forums, and look where it gets me!

WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2009 - This game is coming out for six platforms, and on four of the forums I got the first post. Anyway, after being a bit adventurous last year, I decided that I liked the SmackDown! community and I've started visiting this forum as well now. In fact, I have a bit too much to say at times, like I have in several forums.


None - I'm a good boy. Although, I have handed out a few in my time to other people.



My first major web project is known as GamerzForums and is available as a public pre-alpha version at the moment. Although a lot of the major features are not yet in place, you can see that it is coming together.

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Version 1

Yes, this is not made up. On my first NeoHome version, the site owner himself left a comment for my. Whilst it wasn't the most constructive comment in history, I don't really care 'cus it was the man himself who left it. I did get more comments on v1, but this is the only one that I can remember. But what he said was: "That thing looks pretty cool." - Redemption

Version 2

I think Shane was the first person to see my new layout NeoHome completed, and if not he was most definitely the first to comment on it. Originally, Shane described my Neohome as "COMPLETELY SEXASAURUS" before deciding that he should look at it first. Here's what he said in the end: "That's awesome! Love the layout. San Andreas-esque ftw" - Shane

I couldn't think a smart arse comment to make about this comment so I won't bother making one, and I'll just make a bit of a space filler to make up the space which needs to be taken by the comment. Anyway, Emily said this: "It's a bit spiffy tbh :L I'm too lazy to ever bother doing anything like that, but it's all fancy and like... goes together well xD very nice ^___^". - vanillagigglez

There I was minding my own business, when suddenly, and very randomly I got a guestbook signing with this comment written in it. Completely out of the blue, but a very nice thing to say. Thank you, tidus04, I'll be sure to sign back one day, when i have a stamp again! "Just wanted to say that you have a very impressive Neohome and looks greats ^___________^" - tidus04

Version 3

Well, it's been a while since I got a comment on my Neohome, but they're still welcome, so here's what Braden had to say. "I think your NeoHome is very cool, although I think there is too much of the same colour. Different shades on the outer parts would make it look neater." - Braden

I always appreciate comments on my work, and this comment is no exception. It's always good to know that someone has something good to say about my home. "I like It... I wish i knew how to edit mine X__X" - Alieninvasion06

It seems that I'm suddenly being inundated with comments about my Neohome. Perhaps there's some kind of conspiracy which I don't know about? "Wow Tom, your Neohome is so nicely laid out! I wish I knew enough HTML to do so." - Blackfalcon

Version 4

Just when I thought the comments for my Neohome had come to a stop, I got this message - about bloody time somebody had something to say xD... "Your Neohome looks awesome! I love how you made it change the Neoseeker layout and colors. Very original! ^_^" - Stevemeister

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