I am a danger to myself
I hide in another identity
You may think the wind is my true friend
It is just a mask to hide myself
If you ever uncover me
You must keep me a secret
Few know the real me
Yet the ones who should
Are clouded by the mask
There is one clue to who I am
The word is used over
Maybe by reading this
You will unmask me
The real me.

Im on a spree. I hope you like this stamp. It is very um... yeah. I am talking like this so it will let me post. Here you go.
hey I figured it was time to sign, as you're on my team in fw.
so I figured I'd go around and sign the G-Books of all those helping me bring an end to the dark ages of FE (which I am probably partially guilty of myself, but you can't look both directions at the same time, right?)

anyways, thanks for volunteering for this battle, Tom is the greatest
Of the '06 FE Forumers, you're one of my favorites! Then again, look at the completition. Here's your prize!

Thanks for signing my guestbook... twice!

Lol, thanks for being an interesting friend and nice person to talk to. Unfortunately, I don't have a stamp atm, so have a random picture:

Peace out homie,
Yo dude! Thanks for being a great friend and all and you're ace to chat to! I just made a stamp too:

C ya around!
cc finally fixed me up a stamp so here you go hope you like it

I dont have a stamp right now I'll have on in about a week but i thought i would go and i sign you now and later so this will do for now ^^

Yes I just met you, but you are very cool and fun to talk to. Happy New Year!

I hope you're having a Merry Christmas Tom. And a Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the signing, by the way.
I know I've seen you floating around the forums before ... but I don't quite remember where.

Anywhoo ... feel free to PM me any time you want. I'm always up for a random chat. ^^

Have fun in the new year!

well since its nearly that time of year, i guess u kinda deserve a stamp of a cat with a hat?

I said I was going to sign your Guestbook, so I better do it now so I don't forget.
Thanks for signing mine too.
Seems like a pattern here, dude, but I'm signing yours since you signed mine. So, uh... yeah. There we go. Sorry I don't got a cool stamp like you had.
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Here's a stamp for you.

hi thanks for signing
just so you know i have never sign anyones guestbook before so i hope this will do
thanks again and bye
Hey! Thanks for signing dude. If you are ever stuck on how to do stamps, just Pm me and I will tell ya!

C ya around!

i saw your name in the Fire Emblem 7 Forum and remembered that i have a cousin named Tom so i thought i would sign your geustbook because 1).no has signed yet and 2).you seem like a good guy. YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED BY