Topic Question: How do you play Fire Emblem?

GM-I hit enemies until they die.

Me - I hitz teh enemies till they fall downz.



Canas is, by definition, a Black Magic user, usually called a "Shaman", although "Practitioner of Elder Magic" is his preferred designation applied to one of his status. As an Elder Magic wielder, Canas, being usually used as an unit to attack enemies, will recite incantations and aim magical enemy to his target, which will cause a reduction in the enemy's current, but not maximum health by a variable amount, depending on Canas's natural magical energy, the type of incantation and spell used against his target and his enemy's ability to resist non-physical, "magical" attacks, usually a low amount, unless the target is a magic user, not unlike Canas himself. Such a process would repeat itself until the magic user, Canas himself, would have performed his incantation and successfully connect his magical offensive maneuvers enough times to ensure the non-viability of the target, usually resulting in the loss of ability to create movement in his target's limbs. This would cause an natural imbalance of weight in his target's body, as his disabled appendages would and can not be able to cope with the shifts in gravitational pulls on his body. This would cause the enemy body to drop to the ground, the action of which is coincidentally the same as one of the names for the season "Autumn", before the separation of his corpse and the spiritual energy inside his body, which would ensure the permanent non-viability of the enemy.

Most epic post chain ever.
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