You're the black guy. Merry Christmas matey, I hope you have had a good 2009, and hope you have an even better 2010. Cheers Tobes.
Hey dude. I have seen you around the Halo Social sometimes. I am stopping by to sign your guestbook. Add me on XBL, my GT is Sonic Wave.
Orite mate, just wanted to thank you for helping out in the Relationship Problems thread, if I ever travel into London I shall buy thee a pint x
..I also noticed you live in Slade Green. I live in Plumstead so thats pretty close, right?
I shall come and stalk you
Whats up Toby.
Just thought id sign your guestbook seeing as it must be a hard job keeping the FM forums in line. But you do a pretty good job. Dont count that as arse licking by the way

Heres a stamp anyway man. Sign back if you want, im not fussed.

just thought I would sign your gb since you are a cool guy.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Enjoy your christmas, remember Jesus Christ, and have a great new year, and remember nothing new years day;


Merry crimbo and a most joyful new year to you sir!

Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas!

All the best for the new year too =).

just thought i would drop by and sign as most neo pes6 seekers as i can.Didnt have time to sign yours so i do it now

heylo. Just wanted to say thanks for the congrats on the results, it was really nice of you here have a stamp. hope to see you around x

Get that 21 away and become Toby. -rage-

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^I cheated .

thought i'd sign your guestbook mate

heres my stamp:

keep in touch

How are you mate I hope you are enjoying your time on neoseeker! Cheers for the hint for FM 06 and have fun!!!

See you later!
I really do think you're more of an Adu than a Vieira. Besides, Vieira is ugly, you don't want to resemble him now do you. And, he always has lots of snot on his shirt, how disgusting!

Hope to see you around the forums, my freckle berried friend. Ciao.
T-T-Toby! You seem to still be hanging around Neoseeker from time to time, so I thought that I would give you a signing.

OMGZ Toby yous gb has no signings =O

Well I will start it off and when everyone sees my name they will think your gb is cool and sign it as well.