Hey, maybe we could get some of the dead forums back, and Americans are waaaay better then the British. I'm just going to bable on and on and on and on and on and on and to meet the word count. I ate a three headed monkey yesterday. BLAHBLAHBLAH. Whats that funky green stuff under the keyboard? Awe, might as well taste it, tastes like chicken.
Ive seen you around alot the zelda forums, so decided to sign your guest book Its nice to meet you anyway, and if it wasnt for you I probably would never of registered with Neoseeker!! See ya around!
Hey! Toasty_Cake, thanks for finally bringing the Jet Set Radio forum back to life. Heh, whats with you posting at all the dead forums though? Anyway check it out I've tried to help out there as well.

Oh and hey we'll talk again over IM sometime ok? Thanks for the support you gave me it helped . Wow, and look, the JSR forum is being run by us Brits now.
hi I am a jet set/grind radio fan and I am also from england.
brits rule(dont let any americans read this)
do you agree?