So here it is,
Merry Christmas,
Everybody’s having fun,
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun.

Merry x-mas, tko.

Have a good one.
Just passing through...

quote The Getaway fan 14
quote Storm
quote Jay_Z
Yeah, I checked that too. It seems normal. =P

... Man, I really gotta find better things to do with my time.

You can always sign some GuestBooks
Yes bitch, sign mine

There. Happy now?
Hey, just wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year . Have a good one mate.

You signed my guestbook 5 months ago, just thought I'd return the favour.

Good to see you in PES forums still.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mate.

I'm starting to think that this and the past 8 signings have not been random now

Sign back if you want
Alright mate I've seen you around neo a few times now and I thought I'd sign your gb. BTW your stamp is top class;)

Here you go...

Sign back plz mate;)

Hmmm, struggling to think of things to say to meet the minimum character length.

Thanks for signing my GB d00d.

Doesn't Blood Money just own? I love it, and I can tell you do aswell, xD. Here's my stamp, which is of course, is BLOOD MONEY AMAGAD!

Saw you on like 50 guestbooks, so I thought I'd sign yours =D! Getaway is a good game so your a fan off the right things. Not sure about Grimbsy Town though. Your book needs some ass..

Sign back sometime.
Cheers for signing my GB. Returning the favour TGF. Seen you on PES5 and one of few people with common sense there. See ya around.

Hello The Getaway fan 14. Just thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. I've seen you around and you seem pretty cool, even if you are from Grimsby.

Hey TGF14.

Just thought I'd sign your guestbook as I'm doing to a lot of peoples now and you signed mine.

Black Darkness.
Cheers for the signing man, thought i would return the favour

Sorry I havent got a stamp at the mo, i will have a rumage and find one to stamp ya with later

See you around

thanks for signing my guestbook.
and now, i will sign you'r!

there ya go.
Well first off, I'm not an Arsenal fan, nor am I a Liverpool fan. Im a Man U fan;). Anyway, thanks for signing, see you around.

Send me a pm in you ever want to talk.
Thanks for the signing, I don't bother with this unless someone signs me, so here you go mate

Thanks a lot.

Nice stamp by the way, I love Hitman: Blood Money.

length sucks
length sucks
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length sucks
Sorry but it has to be done. You signed mine so i'm signing back, Just to be cheeky i'll give you a lovely stamp

Hey man, thanks for signing the book, I always return the favour.

*Checks TGF14 off of the list*

That's right Getaway your getting my Christmas stamp since I'm stamping everybody in the SA forum.^^

I see you quite alot around the san andreas forum, anyways you seem like a cool guy. And be kind enough to sign back.
~Don Sciogliere~

Saw you posting in the PES4 and PES5 forums so here is a stamp :