Blue Star Tirisfal Guardian
Apr 04, 06 10:19am
Random signing with a kittykat I drew some time ago ^^

Cya around
whitedragon Tirisfal Guardian
Nov 05, 05 2:18am
You did a great job taking care of the WC-TFT forum, too bad everything is so dead there nowadays. Take Care and have fun! Bye
lordevil Tirisfal Guardian
Aug 25, 05 11:49am
Hey, I'm on a signing spree, so I'm signing your GB.

Sign back and feel free to PM me. See ya around!

From the Lord of Evil,
sifer Tirisfal Guardian
Apr 15, 04 9:21pm
sorry tirisfal I sign the wrong by accident so forget the secret of mana thing
but that doesn't mean you don't got good taste either:)

PS: still sign mine please
sifer Tirisfal Guardian
Apr 15, 04 9:17pm
It's about time I see some body who like this game
It's one of my absoulte favs
you got good taste
see ya around

Ps:sign mine too please
cheat_moto Tirisfal Guardian
Apr 14, 04 2:57am
Hey there, just going to sign this here guestbook, i found it on the ground and figured, "Hey this here thing needs to be signed!" so here i am signing it.

well, see ya later and MRG.6 Nay Nay
Lylatian Tirisfal Guardian
Sep 06, 03 4:12am
Hey man, thanks for signing my guestbook. Of course that means I need to sign yours back. (I always sign people back sooner or later, thats what that cryptic junk on my Sig mean) Hope to see you around the forums and all that!

Bubbster Tirisfal Guardian
Jul 22, 03 2:37am
i sign every1's g-book who go's to the WarcraftIII:TFT thread and erm i guess thats it.
well catch ya l8r in da forums !