Alright well, there isn't really all that much to say. Guess an update every now and again would be good...I graduated with my degree in education, and I have a year(ish) of grad school under my belt. What does the future hold? Not too sure, but I'll find out when I get there I suppose. Umm, I am really not that good at just putting my life randomly onto the computer, so, that is about it for now, of course, if anything interesting comes up, or I think of anything, I will be sure to add it. Heh, and of course, later all.


This is simple, video games are my main interests. Final Fantasy Tactics would have to be my favorite game of all time, but there are few RPGs that I haven't played. Boring eh? Told ya.


"Poets always hate those in power. To them perfection is always just behind the last corner, or the next. They escape the present in dreams of the past and future."

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Review: Final Fantasy IV - No appreciation for the old school...

May 27, 2002

Alright, this game is one that is greatly overlooked by most people. I think only because that it came out when it did. In the age of "new" games, this Super Nintendo throwback was given merely a passing glance. The people who did give it a chance...

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