Blackfalcon Time Vortex
Feb 14, 08 12:52am
Happy 11th Birthday buddy! Hope you have a good one!

Lol, Click.

Your pal, Blackfalcon!
Cleopat Time Vortex
Dec 7, 07 3:58am
Bis sister of Toetancham is about to stamp ya!

Toetancham told me that you are a friend of his and that I could stamp you. So:

Blackfalcon Time Vortex
Sep 21, 07 2:23am

Hey TV, I'm finally getting around to signing your G-Book!

Look, we got off to a rocky start, had a few arguments, but I think we've really hit it off. You're a cool guy and you give good advice. You're also a great participant in the UYA caption contest!(I believe you are in first?)

Well, that's it, stay kool!

One last thing, here's Ratchet with an Agent of Doom, the koool thing is that it's done with your avatar!

Yours Neoseekerly,
Seek on!
BasariosLord Time Vortex
Jul 10, 07 2:14am
Hey i didn't know I was your friend. yay! you seem really depressing in your biography. not to sound mean or anything. I live out in the middle of nowhere in the US. In a place magical place called Maryland where nothing manages to happen.
Darnit Time Vortex
Apr 27, 07 4:57am
Hi, I'm darnit, I'm really glad you seem to like me. We're around the same age too. I can't help but feel a bit upset that you only have three friends, but you know who your friends are, the problem is that I'm not sure whethere most of mine bitch about me when I'm not around. I love dr. Who as well, I love the dalek episode, can't wait 'til part 2 of it. I can't wait 'til we get chating on PM, I just know we'll get along great, do you like cars too, I love them. Well see ya soon:

I think you like dr who so here's the best thing it dr who
Big_Burta Time Vortex
Apr 12, 07 1:44am
Thanks for signing my GuestBook! I've seen you around the R&C forums a lot.
I hope you like this stamp. See you around the R&C forums! Bye