Roy Timber Wolf
Sep 20, 09 7:41am
How have you been (incase you don't know, this is RoyMarthFireEmblem2, I had a name change last fall), but I haven't seen you in ages!
super sonic ultra Timber Wolf
Jan 12, 08 9:36pm
What happened to ya, buddy? You don't message me on msn or aim or anything? Drop me a line at my hotmail account sometime...

Guess I have to add some filler... Yeah I read your "don't leave a sign me back plz" thing, but you would do a favor for an old friend and get back to me in an email or something, right? I just want to keep in touch, we don't have to talk constantly just want to know what you're up to every now and then, plus I want to challenge you in some wii games when they go online!
bk man Timber Wolf
Apr 1, 07 5:01am
I like chocolate milk, and spoons because they are smooth, and then I got a horse and called it Pony! Then that cheese incident happend, which lead to a mass extinction!
S568010892Z Timber Wolf
Feb 22, 07 9:41pm
I miss your giant red arrows.

And now for the filler...

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Deis Timber Wolf
Feb 14, 07 9:36pm

Happy Valentines Day.

I want to be your canary. And how's my sugar mama?

Love Lady Luck.

Xonora Timber Wolf
Dec 26, 06 9:38am
Hey Timber Wolf. I thought I'd better wish you a Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year. It may be a little late for Christmas wishes though.

Hopefully this doesn't count as a stupid stamp.

Anyway, have a good one.

Lesorin Timber Wolf
Oct 6, 06 10:17pm
im on ur shitlist lmao

didnt take enough space up so just typing this so it will take enough space up but its still not long enought so im still typing.............
Early Bop Timber Wolf
Sep 3, 06 11:55pm
Didn't know what to put for a title,umm,okay,signing for no damn reason at all.Okay,think 125 charachters,think 125..wait,wtf,what am i doing?screw it
leon scott kennidy Timber Wolf
Sep 2, 06 6:06pm
um i just wanted to sighn your guest book your a verry poupular guy any way iv bin banned so cant do to much so hopefully you wont close any of my threads well ttyl
Manafi Timber Wolf
Jul 19, 06 4:03am
yeah, your nice & all, like a good friend ;O

wolf_girl Timber Wolf
Jun 28, 06 9:50pm
Hi. I saw your avatar. Too cool. I love it. Just thought I'd sign your gb. Love the neoname too. You sound good on Gunz. Maybe will meet there. Doubt it though.
Q22 Timber Wolf
Feb 14, 06 12:29pm
Hey Timber. Thought I'd sign your book because you're one of the few "senior" moderators that has managed to keep a touch of personality in their average daily duties on the site. Plus you come out with some quality stuff:

Questioning Red's site layout is punishable by death. Slow, painful death involving an AOL disc and several cups of Jello.
Synik Timber Wolf
Nov 29, 05 11:15pm
Hot Sex !!

[insert useless bits of text to meet gay criteria of space...

Hmm well stick it to me, barely took up enough space to end the damn message.[/end]
Deathman48 Timber Wolf
Oct 14, 05 4:58am
Do you know how I was able to sign your guestbook? Well, just in case you didn't, I'll show you what link I clicked.

Sun Goddess Timber Wolf
Oct 9, 05 10:08am
Hey babe! Just thought I would sign your guestbook. Since for some reason I haven't already. Oh well! I love you soooo much! Too bad we can't talk more!

Love Always

Jose_Taco Timber Wolf
Oct 4, 05 11:58pm
I like it, I'm new well I just wanna say you are cool I saw your profile so I clicked on it and I'm not gonna say sign back please because that's what Lamb people say and I'm not Lamb neather are you.
Ben85 Timber Wolf
Sep 8, 05 11:29pm

Time to get past this 125 character limit...

Yeah you've been stamped by me, good ain't it?
Shadow Kirby Timber Wolf
Sep 3, 05 5:28am
thanks for helping on the faq forum I hope we become friends YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED BY Shadow Kirby now his force is with you.Good-bye
Djsolidussnake Timber Wolf
Aug 29, 05 3:41pm
Will I figured I would sign your guestbook, thanks for helping my on making my gif, and by helping out on the faqs.
Quetzalcoatl Timber Wolf
Aug 28, 05 3:42am
Kupo.//:Signing your guestbook because I wished I had your age, 18! Happy 18th birthday, I think your going to a strip club right now and currently buying tons of beer. Yeah, thats what you doing j00 naughty wolf .

Happy B-day, your now official a grown up, SIR!!

teodortenchev Timber Wolf
Aug 28, 05 1:18am
Happy birthday, Timber Wolf!

omochao_lover Timber Wolf
Aug 20, 05 7:09pm
Hi! This is the first guestbook I've signed, because I don't really know anyone else... But, thanks for all your help, and keep on being a good mod!!
Excalibur Timber Wolf
Jul 24, 05 1:32am

Bang Bang @_@
MrGTA Timber Wolf
Jul 6, 05 5:47am
Mmmmm...Penut butter and jelly. Yummy yum yum. is da veast sandwhich EVER!!!! Signback
DianWei04 Timber Wolf
Jul 3, 05 3:37am
Doin random signin and you've been Chosen!

You've Been....

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