Auxilium Tigrex_stole_my_hat
Mar 29, 09 9:41am
I am signing people's guest books because i am bored, and my previous sign i was notified that this needs to be 125 characters. So, i dont really know you but like i said im bored. I wonder if this is 125..
You're fanfics are complicated, but at the end of the day they're well worth it. Keep it up.
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Black Cain Tigrex_stole_my_hat
May 18, 08 8:30pm
Man your FanFics are the best ive ever seen.They are well on their way to inspiering me to do one. Keep up the good work.

Singed by Black Cain of the Tigrex Bros
LegionXL Tigrex_stole_my_hat
Apr 3, 08 3:12am
another Tigrex fan woot hahahahaha were almost the same height. anyway i was working on a fan-fic about Tigrex and was wondering if u could only asking cuz it says 125 char min so... yea
Fire Squall Tigrex_stole_my_hat
Mar 12, 08 11:48pm
dude, im taller than you, muahahahaha, seriously, im 6'1", but unfortunately, im big, haha.

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i love yur wanfic its awsome!!!! plz keep writin it cos its awsome and i love it also i love yur name Tigrex_stole_my_hat it owns and it is now ma guild card message lols and yur pic is good as well lol

P.S yur fanfic is awsome and has inspired me to do ma own, its on its way