Born Grand Forks AFB, ND. Lived in Pennsylvania (Johnstown, Hazleton, Shenandoah), and Texas (San Antonio) in my life time. Attended different schools for the most part. Found an interest in writing and art along the way. I mostly just doodle things here and there, read a lot of books, and write stuff I never end up finishing. However, now I attend Massage School and plan on continuing into an Art or English major at a four year school. From there I am going to be a Certified Massage Therapist and work on an indie writing career.


Writing (short stories, poetry, and other prose),
Drawing (anything that comes to mind),
Manga (something with depth and great characters and art),
Reading (poetry, fiction, epics),


Say "ahh~"

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Review: Neverwinter Nights - AiS's Veiw

Sep 3, 2002

Well besides the bad stuff, and the godly lag that comes over me when I play in the City Core it is all together good. The fighting graphics could use some work though the details used to animate the spells are still sweeter then ever. As long as...

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