Tiger go Meow
Mar 22, 14 1:14pm
B ythe way: I'm not really here. I'm a lollipop poring. *poof*
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Mar 22, 14 1:00pm
Holy crap. 100+ Notifications when I come back...
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Apr 19, 13 5:24pm
A Realm Reborn lets me accomplish of dreams of playing a Cat Boy in a game. Thank you Square. I love you. (Have my babies, yes?)
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Apr 19, 13 3:33pm
> Karma Remake Out > Still refuses to play LoL #ScumbagKarmaPlayer
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Apr 19, 13 1:11pm
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Dec 27, 12 7:44pm
I don't feel alive at the moment...
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Nov 25, 12 7:33pm
Starting to wonder why I'm not trolling the hell out of these people in my US Constitution Class...
Tiger go Meow
Nov 25, 12 7:30pm
"When our founding fathers put the first amendment into the US Constitution it did not say freedom of speech on the internet." Fellow Peer
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Nov 21, 12 10:28pm
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma on Stream nyao~ http://bit.ly/10gBUkB
Tiger go Meow
Nov 21, 12 7:23pm
Wonder if I'll survive it to pick up my mother who could have just opted to stay over night instead of making me feel super unsafe.
Tiger go Meow
Nov 21, 12 7:22pm
Time to drive 1 hour, dead tired, alone, and with headlights in my face on a super dark highway.
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Nov 20, 12 10:04pm
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Arcade Streaming http://bit.ly/OjtpCV
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Nov 17, 12 6:03pm
Guilty Madness (High Stakes Guilty Gear Tournament) @ Next Level streaming live @ http://bit.ly/qw4dMp
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Nov 16, 12 12:43pm
Facedesk ~ For when the palm just isn't enough.
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Nov 16, 12 12:17am
Officially coolest petition ever: http://bit.ly/W6HpNP
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Nov 16, 12 12:16am
Why is real life always rushing around on you when you need it to stop?
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Nov 13, 12 12:28am
Why is it raining?
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Nov 11, 12 9:08am
Second day of three hours of sleep...since broken sleep doesn't count...
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Nov 9, 12 8:05pm
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!! Confirmed for Console Release this Winter Season. Not sure if english release is confirmed, however.
Tiger go Meow
Nov 8, 12 6:21pm
Why you bodying my acquisition of Guilty Gears, Play-Asia? :< I just want to play Order Sol.
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